Monday, February 22, 2010



You are being controlled. You are being misinformed.
Everything you "know" has been planted inside you by a malevolent outside force. Can you define "reality"? Does "reality" define you?
I have seen behind the curtain, friends. Do you want to take a peek?

A link was provided during our discussion of The Hollow Earth. Perhaps you explored it. Perhaps, out of fear, you did not.
All I can do is offer an awakening.
For you are indeed asleep.

Do you dream?

Cyrax and Flyrax channel overview:

Cyrax and Flyrax on the benefit of wearing tinfoil hats:

Cyrax and Flyrax on Nazi flying saucers:

Cyrax and Flyrax explain Roswell:

Cyrax and Flyrax welcome you to Innsmouth:

Cyrax and Flyrax explain how the "moon landing" was produced by Walt Disney:

Cyrax and Flyrax invite you to join The New Seekers/The Brotherhood of Atlantis:

Cyrax and Flyrax introduce us to Reptaloids in Part 3 of the 50-part 'Real Aliens' series:

Cyrax and Flyrax address trolls and haters:

Cyrax and Flyrax bring it all "full circle" - Hitler was in it with the aliens all along!:

The truth is NOT "out there". The truth is IN HERE.


Dulce De Leche said...

This is like drinking a smoothie made out of "Cosmic Trigger," Urantia, and Wheatgrass. WOW.

Viagra Online said...

This is nuts... i felt like I had a sniff of a 9 inch line of coke and then drank 25 beers, and after that take 3 shots of heroin... or perhaps it wasn't me but this guys here did that and transferred the feeling through the videos.

Anonymous said...

Man...this site shows just how much time spoiled suburban young american white kids have in their hands. Go out and get a job guys, better yet, go get laid.

Anonymous said...

reptilian grey