Friday, February 5, 2010

Head Hits Concrete was formed in 1999 in the city of Winnipeg, in the province of Manitoba, in the country of Canada - from the ashes of the band Swallowing Shit. As someone who lives in an area that is cold and bleak as fuck during the winter, I understand the deep psychological effects that these types of climates can have on a person. Knowing that on average it is 20 degrees colder in Winnipeg then in Wisconsin goes a long way to explain why these individuals made the music they did. I have never been to Winnipeg but rumor has it, it is indeed a dark and lonely place, and that the air itself teems with a contempt for humanity.

That being said, Head Hits Concrete make fucked up discordant grind with socio-political lyrics that seem tongue in cheek upon first glance, but are in fact as serious as this planets ever impending doom. This is not the stuff of modern hardcore. Song titles like -Execution, Police Style, Neo-Nazi Public Execution, and Colonial Syndrome - are juxtaposed with songs like - I Shit God, The Pastor's Cock In My Mouth (Hooray!), and (Your Name Here) Eats Fucking Lead (Columbine Remix). This is unrelenting in your face grind with lyrics that make me angry for all the right reasons.
I had the pleasure of meeting the drummer Brad last summer while venturing to Maryland Death Fest. One of the most outstanding individuals I have met in recent times. His new band Wolbachia (formerly known as Kursk) is kick ass. I had the pleasure of seeing Kursk a few times and they do not disappoint. Other bands members are in are Big Trouble in Little China, Putrescence, Prague, and Archagathus. Rumor has it that HHC is back and will be playing some show in 2010 including the Manitoba Metalfest.

This is their discography CD entitled "Thy Kingdom Come Undone" put out by G7 Welcoming Committee. 57 tracks of menace! This aural bloodbath features the band's complete studio output along with material from splits with My Minds Mine and Bodies Lay Broken; live tracks; cover songs of Crossed Out and Heresy; as well as some new, previously-unreleased live material; and the impossible to find "Tour" EP.

Also as a bonus this is the swear word breakdown for the record -

Fuck: 43

Shit: 13

Goddamn: 5

Ass: 2

Cock: 2

bastard(s): 2

Asshole: 1

Ass: 1


This makes me happy.

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Anonymous said...

I was in Winnipeg for a few days around 10 years ago while crossing the country and it wasn't dark or lonely at all. But then again, it was in summer... Though there was tons of mosquitoes, even in the city centre and despite the fact that they had been spraying. Being very popular with mosquitoes that wasn't much fun but apart from that I met some really nice people and had a great time.
I saw Swalling Shit (again, around a decade ago...) but I never kept up with what they were doing so i'll check this out.

Shelby Cobras said...

This is fucking awesome, exactly what I needed today. Thanks.

PS: captcha = "ditor", pretty close to "Dathor".

Anonymous said...

Brings back memories :)

00100 said...

You can tell we are from Winnipeg by the dead stares....