Sunday, February 14, 2010


UPDATE: Youtube HATES THE JERKBEAST and banned him! His new channel can be found HERE.

The Jerkbeast is an 8 foot tall monster based out of Seattle. He played drums in self proclaimed "shitty" punk band Steaming Wolf Penis (they were actually really good) and hosted his own public access call-in show for 2 seasons in 2001-02. Everything this horrifying creature did was gold. There was an amazing movie made about The Jerkbeast, Steaming Wolf Penis took the world by storm and destroyed at SXSW. Then *POOF* he was gone. The show was off the air, SWP declared they were done playing shows and Jerkbeast faded into obscurity, probably pulling a Brando on a tropical island with all of his television and music royalties.

Observe various clips from the live call-in show:

Steaming Wolf Penis live with their classic "Looks Like Chocolate, Tastes Like Shit.:

Enter The brand new website recently described by fellow IC contributer Erik as, "... 4chan talking to itself." Chatroulette is a site which randomly connects webcam users to other webcam users so they can, Started by a 17 year old Russian kid, Chatroulette has quickly become a treasure trove of lols, memes and realtime internetz folly. But the greatest thing that has been birthed from this disaster? THE RETURN OF THE JERKBEAST!!!


You can watch more of Jerkbeast's adventures on Chatroulette at his Youtube Channel. He's adding more everyday!

You can download everything Steaming Wolf Penis ever recorded here.

Buy The Jerkbeast DVD and find more neat stuff like blogs and cartoons at


Shelby Cobras said...

The bastard child of Hoggle and Sweetums?

Cory said...

this one is awesome and NSFW but Jerkbeast finds actual BOOBS on Chatroulette:

Shelby Cobras said...

If I had tits, I would show them to Jerkbeast.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Shelby that is just way to easy to even touch with a ten foot pole.

Shelby Cobras said...

If I had tits, I would let Jerkbeast touch them with a ten foot pole.

Viagra said...

I've been in before and hell did I saw some disturbing stuff in it.. mostly guys jerking off.. not that interesting I might say