Thursday, February 4, 2010

Memento Mori

Erick Lee Purkhiser (October 21, 1946 – February 4, 2009)

While its only been a year since his death I just have to say that the world is a little less sexy and a little less gritty without Lux Interior caterwauling across the planet. Feral bellows bemoaning the glories of trashy kitsch culture (girls in bikinis with machine guns, indeed), Lux and the Cramps remained steadfast in their mission and relentlessly conjured forth the spirit of rock n roll for over 30 years.

Since their inception in a New York bowery walkup in the 1970’s playing gigs at Max’s Kansas City to the last Halloween shows of the new millennia, The Cramps stayed true to their rock n roll roots. Not only a fucking maniac on the stage, Lux was an avid B-movie aficionado, ordained revered, and devoted husband to the enigma which is Poison Ivy, Lux’s partner since The Cramps inception.

No further accolades are necessary. This is only reminder that the spirit which is and shall forever be LuX Interior and The Cramps will not be forgotten in a year or as long as rock n roll lives on, which is forever in case you had any doubts.

Stay Sick!!

"Lux seemed like a creature from another world, with one foot already out of this dimension. As much as we might wonder 'Where are you now?' we can also wonder 'Where on Earth did you come from?' Now that's a mystery!"-Poison Ivy

''Lux's spirit is so crystalline, so pure and shining, that he makes me glad to be a Weirdo. I would've gladly traded my own life to bargain for his--because we so badly need a Mad Daddy to shepherd us through this shitty world, making us laugh at the darkness and pointing out the diamonds in the garbage.''-Reverend Suzie the Floozie.

The Cramps online:
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Shelby Cobras said...

I've never been a huge fan of the Cramps but I must admit those videos are impressive. Thanks for this.

Camellia sinensis said...

Well your recent post on Jay Reatard sparked a renewed interest in Hasil Adkins, Flat Duo Jets and Thee Cramps...I thought a homage to thirty years of rockin to your own astral light was in order. your most welcome....By the way, theres a new documentary out on Hasil...its all youtubable..Gotta love barroom chick fights of which there are a few in that documentary. The internet the a balm and bane of insomnia for me these days. Cheers.