Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BROMANTIC INTERLUDE # 1c: RyGar Finally Burns Out

Welcome, once again, to another post in the 'Bromantic Interludes' series: the third and final in a triumverate of drug-themed guest mixes from our old pal RyGar. The last two posts have focused on the fun part of drug use: Ingestion and the resulting "trip". Not so today. RyGar is gonna harsh all over our collective mellow with a "comedown" mix, so hide the firearms and sharp objects.

Read (and listen to) Part 1 of his epic series here. Do so for Part 2 here. If you've enjoyed what you saw and heard here, feel free to go over to (Nobody Knows) I'm New Wave and stone out on some more of the good shit.


(Caution: Some links are super NSFW. You have been warned.)

Alright, alright, so drugs aren't always fun. The truth is that sometimes drugs will grab your life by it's ass and just rape the shit out of it. So, on this mix I tried to keep with songs about the negative side of things. Bad trips, date-rape, and OD's all show up here. I consider myself very lucky to have survived all of my substance abuse without many repercussions. Some close friends of mine were not so fortunate. I wouldn't be here now, if I hadn't chosen the right time to get the fuck out of my hometown. I don't really want to sound like a P.S.A. here, but you've really got to keep your ass in check. Know your limits and listen to your friends, I guess. Other than that, shit, dog - have a blast! Do that shit you fucking PUSSY!!! COME ONNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Because this mix isn't as much of a downer as you might think. Hell, you might even start dancing. Slam dancing!

(Just to cover any bases I left out of the last post I did here: here's some more stories about m-e, fuckin', ME! I am not a professional anything, and this is solely for entertainment purposes. So don't blame me if you screw up your life, dicktard.)

You want to talk about Cocaine? I bet you do, but I didn't/don't like it. If you've ever been in a room with anyone on coke, then you probably understand just how horrible that shit is. The high is really short (10,15 minutes?), so you have to do a grip of it. Then, everything that comes out of your mouth will be bullshit. Let me repeat, bullshit. For serious. If you shoot it, however, it will be the most awesome sensation in the world. Too awesome, because if your not of strong will, you'll probably spend the rest of your life chasing that thrill again. And guess what buddy, you're just not gonna find it. The first, and only, time I smoked rocks was an accident. Some friends and I holed up at a place in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and we had been shooting heroin for a couple days (weeks?). There was a guy with us who wasn't so much as a friend, as a guy who had reliable connections. This guy came back from a dope run and he had a busted ass pipe made from a beer bottle neck stuffed with tobacco. I thought it was odd that we were going to smoke our shit, but figured, what the fuck? So, I'm puffing away on this crap, and I'm not getting high. I smoke some more. Then some more. I'm sweating like a motherfucker, but I'm still not high. So I ask this kid, "What the fuck is this shitty dope? I can't even taste the shit!" He pauses from twitching and peering out the blinds and says, "Iss ssssnow. It's C. " Goddamnit! Oh well. Honestly, I didn't get it. I didn't feel high, just nervous and damp.

Oh, Heroin? Yeah, I've done me some heroin, son. It's good stuff. I mean- we all know it is made out of the Grim Reaper's boogers, and there is not a single valid reason to even, ever try it. Unless that reason is, "I do not give a fuck about anything, and I want to get FUCKED UP! Also, I want at least two of my close friends to be dead or in prison." Listen, I want to do the right thing here, and say, "Oh boy, don't you ever ever do no heroin. You'll be addicted after the first time, and your whole life is going to hell real fast if you so much as look at a balloonful of Black Tar", but that's not really honest. The truth is, there are countless people who have done heroin and survived. But, like I said above, their friends doing it with them probably didn't.

Pills are OK. Otherwise doctors wouldn't give them away, stupid. They come in tailor made flavors of high, from men who have to wear white coats to work. Pharmaceuticals are a bazillion dollar industry for a reason. If you liked heroin, you'll love Oxies! Speed is your kick? Steal a couple Aderrall from yer little brother or sister! Don't know what you like? Take some Xanax, and you won't even remember what kind of idiocy you got yourself into last night. All in moderation, of course.

What's that? You don't like drugs? Oh, go Straight Edge! In ten or fifteen years you'll be the biggest fucktard-wastoid on your block.

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DRUGS Vol. III: The Comedown (DL)
(Thanks again Shelby. It's been fun.)


Shelby Cobras said...

Holy shit Mickey And The Big Mouths!!! There's a blast from the past. Were they from Oregon? I seem to remember some sort of connection between them and the equally-obscure Big Bubba.

PS Big Bubba's Yuck! Her Ass Tasted Like Shit 7" = CLASSIC

Anonymous said...

It's real easy to get carried away with the Oxies because they're so damn good. I doubt I'd do H given the chance. I tried suboxone which is used to get off smack and it wrecked my ass. A charming combo of comatose and projectile vomit. The whole problem with opiates is building a tolerance. Great series Rygar!

Anonymous said...

Fuck all that straightedge shit. Pious little cunts. Do drugs. Test your limits. Tried them all & loved every one. Any pharmacy grade substance is the best. Potheads can maintain, you can still live just chipping, the meth however will make you hit bottom in short order. Like atom bomb in chest. Tweekers will do shit that makes junkies look tame.

RyGar said...

I should have mentioned that while H does indeed feel great, you will vomit a lot. And itch. It's just puking and scratching your balls for hours. I had a low tolerance and wasn't able to move or sit up without a technicolor yawn. Except for fucking, which was endless.

Cory said...

being straight edge i find it difficult to relate to any of these mixes. sorry.

RyGar said...

Don't be sorry Cory, these mixes weren't put together with you in mind. I'm sure the blog has plenty of other great shit for you to enjoy.

Shelby Cobras said...

I hate to shit all over a good joke, but Cory is expressing a bit of poorly-translated internet sarcasm. The last time he was sober... WAS THE FIRST TIME!

Cialis Online said...

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