Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Perhaps a few of you remember a post I published recently, calling to attention the "dinosauroid" mind experiment and the existence of reptoids ('Attack Of The Lizard Men' - December 12, 2009). In it, I spoke of several different schools of thought concerning the human/reptile hybrid, from the theories of Dale Russell to the books of John McLoughlin and beyond.
I also made brief mention of an obscure book from the 90's entitled Who Lies Sleeping?, which I've never read but have great interest in. To quote myself:

"... Mike Magee and his paranoid 1993 psuedoscience rant Who Lies Sleeping?
In it, Magee suggests that perhaps dinosaurs DID, in fact, evolve to near-human levels of intelligence, and wiped themselves out in an as-yet-undiscovered instance of nuclear war. Magee's brainy dinosaurs ("anthroposaurs") have all kinds of crazy shit going on, with the theropods farming the herbivores (triceratops and the like) for meat, and producing epic amounts of industrial waste. In addition, he hints that the anthroposaurs had some sort of telepathic connection with H.P. Lovecraft which resulted in his creation of the Old Ones, Ancient Ones, Ry'leh, Necronomicon, etc. Also, there are some aquatic apes involved."

I then expressed my regret at not being able to locate the book, and offered monetary compensation to anyone that could.

Man, did I ever drop the ball.

It turns out that there is an entire "Who Lies Sleeping?" blog (above), dedicated to researching Anthroposaurus sapiens and the like, as well as several used copies of said book available on Amazon UK. But it was the manner in which I became aware of this blog that makes the revelation all the more painful.
In a recent post on the digital "WLS?" ('Who Lies Sleeping? Impossible to Find — Illogical Contraption'), its creator calls me out - personally - for the heinous crime of calling the book "impossible to find".

Right: Strong words.

And I quote: (his words) "It is a viewpoint and style of assessment all the more remarkable for the fact that Cobras confesses he has not read the book:

(my words) 'Long story short, this book sounds amazing but is impossible to find. Shiny nickels for anyone with any sort of information on where I can get a copy.'

(his words) It brings us back to his first sentence about Googling the word dinosauroid, because it is something he cannot have done, or done only with Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” option, because otherwise he would have found the book, right, and maybe this website, eh? Illogical Contraption writers are fond of the word shit. Maybe they’re going to tell us the story of the intelligent dung beetles."

He then proceeds to list all of the many places Who Lies Sleeping? can be found, before ending with this stinger:

"It means the fall back is to order from us direct, but as we are impossible to find, Google being too hard to use properly for the Illogical Contraptioners, we will not be getting any orders from the dung beetles—alas! they have not yet evolved to the intelligent stage."

Left: Newts are amphibians, but whatevs.

It may seem like an exceedingly harsh verdict to hand down to a guy giving you free publicity and saying things like "this book sounds amazing", but I not only accept the criticism from "WLS?" -- I offer my sincerest apology. I'm not sure if the author of the blog is Mike Magee, the same guy who wrote the original Who Lies Sleeping? -- he goes by 'Magimike' on there, and as you all know, I ain't so great with muh Google button, hyuck hyuck! -- but if it is, this whole ordeal is just all the more shameful.

I would indeed like to offer my deepest and most heartfelt regrets to our future Reptoid Masters, and call attention to the fact that as a respected member of the media and blogging community, I could be useful in spreading subliminal dinosauroid propaganda as well as recruiting human slaves to fight in the oncoming Reptile Wars of Nebulon-12. I am relatively young and have a strong back as well: I could serve as good labor, whether it be mining insects for the Reptoid Overlords in the Protein Caves or even as a pack mammal in The Great Reptoid Space Exodus of 2067. I am yours to command, O Reptoid Lords. Do with me what thou wilt.



Anonymous said...

That's good. Thanks, Shelby! There's an age gap to account for the different interpretations. You're a youngster, and I am an old fogey, so you have to make allowances. The gap to the Anthroposaurs is bigger, so more allowances have to be made in understanding them. I am too old to understand that "paranoid" and "pseudoscience rant" are really compliments, and "shit" can be quite tasty. So I take back my dung beetle innuendo. Maybe The Dung Beatles should be the name of a heavy metal group. Anyway, as it was all meant well, and to publicize "Who Lies Sleeping?", I am grateful for the promotion. Best wishes, Magimike, alias Mike Magee

Shelby Cobras said...

And thank you, Mr. Magee. It's all in good fun around here, I'm glad we both understand that. Now seriously, I'd like to order your book. It's $60 for a used copy on Amazon, what is the conversion rate to U.S. dollars to order it from you directly? I have the link to the order form, just don't know how much $$$ to send. Your book sounds great, all kidding aside.

PS Ever seen the film Wayne's World? There is a (fictional) metal band in that movie called the Shitty Beatles...?

Strangething said...

Oh look, it says you can order the book for $25.


(Just a wandering lizardman...)

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OK it's interesting how this guy talks crap about you and all of us, just because you couldn't find the book. Sometimes you can't find stuff and that doesn't mean you are some kind of retarded illiterate douche.

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