Friday, February 5, 2010

BROMANTIC INTERLUDE #1b: Surprise, RyGar Is High Again

Our Bro RyGar from (Nobody Knows) I'm New Wave has returned with the second installment of his drug-related music feature for the 'Bromantic Interludes' series. Indulge in the illicit substance of your choice, trip balls, and enjoy.
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Damn... hold on a sec... fughhh... Ugh-humgh... Alright, here we go: the second installment in my guest feature here at the lovely Illogical Cuntrapshin brog - I mean, "Contraption Blog." Fugh, dude, sorry. I figured I would do this one, and then one more. A tree orgy? No, a "trilogy." Duh. Actually, I was really only invited to do one, but I was overwhelmed in both enthusiasm, and material. I mean, there is obviously no shortage of music that fits into the overarching theme of "drugs." Also, I think I've had my fair share of experiences, and I don't mind talking about them in an honest, sometimes humorous, way. The music on this second mix is focused, albeit loosely, on songs that were either: A.)written/performed/created by people on drugs, or; B.)really awesome to listen to when you, the listener, are on drugs. Or, possibly both. I did my best to avoid the most tired and obvious examples, like "White Rabbit" and "Purple Haze." There's also a gillion or so Stoner Rock songs that I could have included that I enjoy, and they would have fit nicely with the theme, but I like some variety on a mix. These are handpicked. I'll swear by any track on here, even "A Forest." Is it not cool to listen to The Cure these days? I never know where the trends are at. I mean, The Cure probably have about 113 songs that I really don't ever want to hear anywhere, ever. But, they also have a dozen or so really, really good ones. I enjoy melancholy tunes, sometimes. I digress. This mix is over an hour long, because I'm stoned, so it's a big file. Roughly 160MBs, if you wanna get in a dick measuring contest about it. And now, I'll tell y'all lil'uns 'bout how we used to do.
[Here's where I delve into the tedious rehashing of my personal drug use. Skip to the end if you only care about the music. It's cool, I understand. For the sake of reducing my risk of prosecution or legal ramifications: Let me just say that absolutely none of this is true. Even if it is. It's totally fictional, coppers.]
I grew up in and around the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California. It's the kind of area that's pretty diverse, in that, there's beautiful redwood forests, there's urban sprawl, there's the coast, and there's also big city, all within an hour's car ride. Anyways, it's also really easy to buy just about any kind of drug there. For example, when I was in eighth grade, I already had connections for weed, crank, acid, and the occasional shrooms. And, by that time, I had tried them all, as well. South of Humboldt, there is no finer pot than the beautiful, and potent Santa Cruz Mountain shit, and we spent almost every waking hour smoking it out of everything we could get our dirty hands on. Pipes, bongs, cans, apples, make-shift tinfoil affairs, small dead rodents, trees, fm radios, we packed 'em full of that dank, sticky green and smoked our developing adolescent lungs black. Crank (meth) was also really popular at the time, but it's one of the few things that embarasses me to talk about. I never had a habit. I wasn't a tweaker. I never 'stayed up' longer than 48 hrs, but yeah, I did some rails. More than I would like to have done, looking back. To try and get perspective on it, I'd say I used it about 30 times between the age of 13 and 20, and never since. I didn't really like the high, and it meant not sleeping, and I love to fucking catch some motherfuckin' Z's. It made me sit for hours, writing and re-writing the same shitty songs and poems, over and overe, because there couldn't be any mistakes on the page. It killed erectile function (in my case anyways). It made my already terrible zits grow zits. It turned a lot of friends into untrustable, theiving, fucktards. Bad news. My main kick was Acid, though. Mainly because it's dirt fucking cheap, and it really fucks you up. Tabs, or hits, of blotter acid sold at 2 for $5, 5 for $1o, and you could just buy them off the street at "hippie corner" (Pacific Garden Mall, Santa Cruz). In fact, I only attended 13 days of my first freshmen semester at school. The rest of them, I would wake up, throw a blanket in my backpack and pretend to leave for school, then hitchhike over the hill, take a nap near the beach, score a couple tabs and trip balls at the boardwalk. I couldn't then, and still really can't afford a modest pot habit. Weed has held a pretty steady price point of $50 bucks an eigth (3.5 grams). That lasts me maybe four days. You do the math, I'm stoned. Anyways, because of it's relative cheapness, I did a ton of LSD. I'd say I tripped at least 200 times between the ages 14 and 17. Really, that's way, way, way to many times, but my mom usually gave me $5 for lunch. Everyday. I was going to talk more about that, but I realized that Bruce McCullouch pretty much nailed all of my points on the last mix. So... Shrooms? Awesome. I'm still down for it every once in a blue moon, but not in the city. Uggggh. No fun puking on those bastards either. It gets you all worried about the supposed 'death caps' that look just like the psylocibin variety but kill in small doses. Forget I said that if you plan on going on a shroom trip, I probably just harshed your mellow. Oops. The best trip I had involved drinking a couple beers with my caps, and I've since heard that that can be a lethal combo, so I do not endorse that. But, it was fucking great for me. Slinky legs, breathing brick walls, cacphonous frogs real and imagined - whoo. Well, that''s about all the space I can justify taking up at someone else's place, and more. See you next time in the third and final installment.

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Illogical Contraption Presents: DRUGS Vol. II - The Trip (DL)


Anonymous said...

"I've got drugs...that would blow your mind tonight..." "A PRIEST WITH A YEAST INFEECCCTTTIIOOONN!!!". Saw the Frogs once when they played in S.F. and my best bro kevin was invited to sing "Hot Cock Annie" while pretending to fuck a male blow up doll. Anyways, I need to compile one of these mix tap thingys. Got some ideas that involve the occult, voodoo, the 70's and sitting in your bed eating coconut ice cream in your underwear.


Anonymous said...

To me there's nothing finer than getting baked on pain killers and muscle relaxers and throwing on Going Blank Again by Ride. Transmigration by Gonga is another good one to nod out to. Drugs and music go hand in hand. Opiates FTW!

RyGar said...

RE:Manslaughter - Yer a dirty, twisted fucker, and I hope you get some of that evil genius onto some kind of audio format I can mainline.

RE: Anon... We'll go into talking smack in my next post.