Monday, November 2, 2009


Last week's post on Dekapitator got me thinking about Matt Harvey and the fellas from Repulsion, so here you have it -- the "highly influential" Horrified album, originally released in demo form as Slaughter of the Innocent in 1986, but then "discovered" and re-released under this name by the dudes in Carcass in 1989. Originally formed in Flint, Michigan in the mid 80's, Repulsion is often cited as an important influence by an array of pioneering bands, from Napalm Death to Carcass to At The Gates (who demanded that the re-formed version of Repulsion join the bill of their SF date at The Fillmore during their reunion tour in 2008).
The guys from Repulsion relocated to the Bay Area after the release of Horrified, starting up other bands such as the aforementioned Dekapitator and the relentlessly brutal Exhumed, before eventually re-uniting Repulsion in the mid-00's. Then Matt quit again, and now Repulsion plays an assortment of one-off gigs out of Hollywood, California, still rocking the timeless classics off of this album. Good stuff.

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Below: Basement-era Repulsion, circa 1986.

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Anonymous said...

Uh, Matt Harvey was not an original member of Repulsion. He didn't join until they reformed this millennia. Same goes for the other Exhumed guys. The other original members were Aaron Freeman and the infamous Dave 'Grave' on drums. Apparently you do not own a physical copy of Horrified, or any Repulsion release for that matter. The original Repulsion guys had nothing to do with Dekapitator or Exhumed. Kind of weird you blanked on this info, yet knew this was originally released in 1986 and a bunch of other random stuff.