Thursday, November 5, 2009


Some epic Bro-tality courtesy of the twisted freaks known collectively as Orb of Confusion. Sort of a riffadelic Stoner Rock/Trad Metal/Sludgeprog type thing, this album features angry-as-fuck male/female vocals, rippin' rock solos, math-y changes, and a pummeling rhythm section -- What more could you ask for? Unfortunately, this release functions as both a birth certificate AND an epitaph, as bassist/vocalist Laurie left to form a new project called Serpent Crown with Will from Scarecrow and the rest of the guys (Clint, Leo, and Chris) re-formed under the temporary name Waylon Genocide with Shane from Walken.
But enough with the SF band-mapping. The music here is top-notch, especially for being recorded (reportedly) on a laptop found in a dumpster. The second track, "Culture of the Vulture", has a nice Floor-esque hook going on, while the first track, titled and sung (mostly) in Japanese, features a pleasing amount of ass-kickery coupled with technically proficient axework and a nice overall doom vibe. Beware the last track, though, as it is a masturbatory "experimental" piece which consists of nothing but backmasked vocals and one looped guitar riff for over twelve minutes. Overall, a crunchy, delicious, and obscure release, which will undoubtedly NEVER find the wide audience that it deserved.

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