Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In case you're not familiar with the Bloodcum story, it goes something like this: At some point in the mid 80's, Tom Araya's little brother started a band, which shared a garage with Slayer. Jeff Hanneman's little brother was reportedly in the band as well, but this is a fine example of inaccurate urban legend. The band, of course, was Bloodcum, who rode Slayer's coattails as long and as far as possible, and also roadied for Slayer at early shows. But the coattail-ride didn't get them far, producing just a few demos and the full-length album with the amazing artwork that you see above. Which is surprising, because Bloodcum ain't half bad.
Displaying a goofy crossover vibe much more D.R.I. than it is Slayer, Death By A Clotheshanger is actually a pretty kick-ass little disc, deserving of much more recognition than the "novelty album" classification gives it. Just beware of the last track, which is an unplugged "joke" song. Also, beware of the "current incarnation" of Bloodcum. Judging from their Myspace page, they've sort of turned into lecherous, creepy old men, whose sense of humor revolves more around fondling strippers than killing posers. Oh well.

Download HERE

PS: Sorry about my brief absence, but a strenuous workload, shoddy internet connection, and heinous back injury all contributed to my two-day hiatus*. Inexcusable, I know. 'Monday Morning Movie Madness' is a no-go this week, but will be back and better than ever on the New Moon (that's November 16th, for you non-Twilight fans). Thanks for hanging in.

*Also, I was riding rollercoasters.


Helm said...

You know what you should do a piece on? The utter brilliance of Carnivore. I appreciate a joke that's that serious, I'm sure you do too. The first record is special, it deserves more discussion by people that get it.

Shelby Cobras said...

I'm not really much of a Carnivore fan. I mean, "I get it", and the music's OK, and the aesthetic is pretty cool, but the whole "male supremacy/rape" aspect always kind of drove me away. Just never able to really get into Pete's trip. mayhap I haven't paid enough attention. Doesn't mean I won't write about them, though.