Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Three weeks ago, in the special Halloween edition of 'Monday Morning Movie Madness', I promised to share Fastway's supremely sing-alongable cheez metal/hard rock soundtrack to the epic film Trick or Treat. And as we all know, Professor Cobras ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISES.
So crack a beer, round up some Bros, and crank this fucker up to ELEVEN.

Download HERE
Purchase HERE

Below: Fastway, "Trick Or Treat":


shargraves said...

cool - saves me dusting off the vinyl I have upstairs.

That squirty 80s guitar sound rocks!

I wouldn't want my guitar sounding like that though...

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Cool, I love that cover, let's make Halloween the way Metal Heads would do! Oh wait a second, there's Helloween already... so not that impressive, specially when Helloween was already put there in 86.