Friday, November 27, 2009


Bad news, Contraptioneers.
For some reason, all of the files I had stored on MediaFire were deleted today, without warning or explanantion. I only switched over from Rapidshare a month or so ago, so not all links will be lost. But it will definitely take me some time to re-up what I had on there already. Any suggestions on dependable file-sharing sites?
Here's the kicker: I had just finished re-upping EVERY DEAD LINK EVER from I.C. yesterday, a total of over 60 albums. It was gonna be a 'One Year Anniversary' present for y'all. Bummer.

Fuck you, Mediafire.


Ambassador MAGMA said...

That is shitty. Maybe the extreme weight and mass of sheer, rending metal was causing their computers to implode. I've only used those file sharing sites once and it sucked. I have no idea what to use. I would suggest rapid-share, but I don't know from first hand experience.

ReallyGood@Wounding said...

I have no useful alternatives, but if it helps, I will share your RAGE!!!

Asa said...

LAAAAME! Hang in there, Shelby, and thanks for the fantastic bloggery.

Taylor said...

Lame. I have all my uploads currently on mediafire, yikes. Great blog guys...hope you get all the lost stuff reupped soon.

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Wax Perverted

I'll throw up a link for Ill. Contraption, cheers!