Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I got your "Austrian Death Machine" riiiight here, buddy.
Coming straight out of Klagenfurt is the bizarre creation known as Disharmonic Orchestra. Go ahead and categorize this album along with Cancer's To The Gory End and Carnage's Dark Recollections in the "brutal primitive death metal albums from 1990" bracket, alongside their fellow countrymen Pungent Stench in the "1991" file. These guys were playing some great thrash-influenced semi-experi-metal way before Earache or Roadraunner started dominating the market, and broke up after the release of 1994's Pleasuredome just as death metal's popularity ceased. But the always-strange Orchestra re-formed years later, and are still around to this day. I can't say I 100% understand where these dudes were coming from artistically, but I dig this album and some of their other early stuff, despite the fact that they put out albums with covers that looked like this and posed for band photos that looked like this or this or this or this or, worse yet, this. What gives, guys?

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This version of Expositionsprophylaxe is a 2000 re-issue that also contains extra tracks from their legendary split album with Pungent Stench. You can also get said album here.

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Helm said...

Never could make heads nor tails of them either. The intrigue hasn't lasted though.

Viagra said...

Yes... Thanks but no thanks, I have some kind of issue with late 80's early 90's death metal.. i just can't listen to it, i don't know what it is but it gets to my nerve.

ANoN said...

They took me back to the time when I would search shelves in the music store for death/thrash cassettes and I found them :-) Some crazy but unique stuff no doubt, but later they seem to have digressed into new styles.