Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Formed by the same basic nucleus of dudes behind Exhumed and Repulsion, Dekapitator was created based on two very explicit ideas: 1) "Modern metal" is hella lame and needs to be destroyed and 2) Posers are hella lame and need to be destroyed. Just take a look at that front cover up there. That's the "Axecutioner", and he specializes in diminishing the poser population whenever and wherever possible. Galloping drums, whammified tapping solos, gang-vocal choruses, and more spikes and leather than the entire population of Germany. What could be better?
These guys had a pretty good run in the San Jose/San Francisco area for about a decade, but are on indefinite hiatus while their respective members pursue other projects. Which sucks, because I've been seeing a lot of posers around lately.

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Jimbo said...

motion carried. dekapitator rules.

Viagra Pharmacy said...

That's one great cover, I can imagine several posers I know standing in front of the Axecutioner ready to be taken down. I wish there was an Axecutioner...