Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Witchgrave (2010)

All my favorite metal is from Sweden right now. Witchgrave is no exception. Continuing on my pledge to provide the best in short format shreddery, here is The Devils Night, Witchgrave’s one and only EP from earlier this year.


Not exactly Blackened Thrash but a little more that Black n Roll. If you wanted to get specific, you'd have to say the influences probably come more from NWOBHM than anything else. If you liked Midnight or Aura Noir, this record will totally make your day. Retro Swedish NWOBHM with a deep dark char. My new favorite genre.

Tribute to the Don for his metal tutelage.


abdul alhazred said...

Beautiful, thanks. That Midnight album is one of my favorites over the last few months.

Grk! said...


Daniel said...

To many Witches and Wolves.....but with the mention of Midnight, I'm sold. Need more names in the vein of Bulldozer and Tank....maybe a Fork Lift or a Garbage truck, those names taken yet?

steve57 said...

loving this - thanks.