Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Black Lotus 7"

It looks like Shelby is taking the death of Burning Dan pretty hard. Lets all give him some time to mourn and pull himself together. Manslaughter’s been bringing over all his meals and I've been making sure both his mom and his girlfriend are being well taken care of. Send him your love, let him know you’re thinking about him. Anyway...

SF on SF - Glitter Wizzard

The other day I introduced you to Wendy Stonehenge via Bromantic Interlude. I mentioned he currently owns royally with his ultra heavy glam/psyche band Glitter Wizard. I’ve been jamming their unreleased record in my office all week, but you guys are going to have to wait for that one. Instead, I’m laying down their 7”, Black Lotus, with express written consent from the Wizards themselves. A baked out ear groping exclusive, exclusively for IC.

He is the mirror man. This is the gateway.

GW came down to LA the other day to slay balls with my 50/50 awesome/gay band and this other controversial true/false band called Saviours. Their set was like doing a line of Cheeto dust off of Alice’s mirror. Here are some photos taken by brotographer Adam Murray.

I just heard a rumor that Glitter Wizard and Hazzard’s Cure are going to be playing a warehouse show in Oakland on December 3rd. To make this rumor even sweeter I just heard that this might be the debut show for Shelby’s new band . If these rumors are true, I may have to fly up with one of my super secret side projects. Man, Glitter Wizard, Hazzar’d Cure, Shelby’s unnamed band AND WytchKunt on the same bill? Get the fuck out of here.

Read Wendy Stonehenge's Bromantic Interlude here.
Check out Wendy's rad blog here.


Cory said...

i always see that singer dude on the bus. no i know who he is!

Manslaughter said...

The Wiz totally rules, but that show sounds hella gay. Whoever booked it must be either incredibly sexy or extreemly high.

gooniestorm said...

though i have been acquainted with this bands vocalist for a couple years now i hadn't seen them play until last week, and wow, they totally blew me away! much heavier than what i was expecting for some reason and they look like the 70s.

Shelby Cobras said...

I'm Shelby Cobras, and I in no way acknowledge or endorse the claims Seanford has made on Illogical Contraption today.