Thursday, October 21, 2010


Creepy-ass bleep-bloop Simonetti-isms from the one and only Walter (real name "Romano") Rizzati, recorded as accompaniment to the Lovecraftian Lucio Fulci masterpiece House By The Cemetery (AKA Quella villa accanto al cimitero). Composer Alessandro Blonksteiner also contributes 4 tracks, but this is mostly a Romano affair--which brings me to an interesting point: this soundtrack has received very limited and spotty release, as an impossible-to-find, limited-to-500-copies overseas release (right), and as a "Fulci double feature OST" type affair (below left), packaged with Fabio Frizzi's Manhattan Baby soundtrack (not to mention a bunch of boring interviews and other assorted detritus). This ends now.

HBTC is a wonderful spaghetti-horror flick, deserving of a great soundtrack. Rizzati and Blonksteiner's creation is just that, a spooky electronic ride through utter suspense and creeping terror. I'm already a sucker for Italian horror soundtracks, but this sucker is extra special. Man oh man.

Who's up for a Fulci megapost?

Separated at birth?


(Fact: This was the very next film Mr. Rizzati scored after HBTC)

(Talk about a BAD HAIR DAY! HAW! HAW! HAW!)

(Jack Nicholson With Switchblade does not actually appear in the film)

Download HERE
Walter (Romano) Rizzati Last.FM
Nude photos of Lucio Fulci


Watch House By The Cemetery in its entirety HERE.


kittyempire said...

Just saw HBTC about a week ago after years of frivolous dilly-dallying. Very good... easily the second best in the 'trilogy' behind the peerless The Beyond. Only downer is that it features The Most Obnoxious Little Kid Ever. Soundtrack is excellent too, cheers.

RyGar said...

Yes to the Fulci mega-post idea. I've been slowly picking my way through his stuff. Some of it is near unbearable, whilst other ones are are like blood and viscera soaked diamonds. City of the Living Dead was pretty good. And, yeah the kid in HBtC is the worst.

Aylmer said...

Cobras, fuck yes to a Fulci megapost. Cool too, cuz I'm just about to do a post on THE BEYOND over at the Eye.

Though it's my least favourite of his gothic gore cycle I still love this movie. Maggot bleeding Freudstein rules and it's got a couple of Giannetto De Rossi's best gags. I love the poker in the neck, so drawn out and sadistic!

Apt that you saw that resemblence to Jack Nicholson in the artwork as this movie riffs heavily off of THE SHINING.

Crankenstien said...

I think i'm the only one who likes manhattan baby even though i get that it's stupid.

Ray Crowe said...

It took me a few viewings with some time spaced between them to formulate an opinion on House by the Cemetery. It's a combination of the sublime (stylish scenery and direction, brooding atmosphere) and the awful (script, recycled music score). There's also gallons of gore, some of it effective and some of it hokey.