Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From The Muddy Banks of the Tigris

Oh damn. I've been vacillating all week between posting something hilariously satanic, something thuggish or something extremely lo-fi. For some reason I chose none of the above.

Yes, yes indeed. I won't hesitate to tell you that this CD is nothing less than ethnic. A lot of times the word "pop" suggests to us westerners who are intimately familiar with the term in all its commercial applications, an universal saccharine vapidity.
This compilation does not conform to any preconceived notions of what "popular" music is to the Western ear. I tried to play it at a party and it was totally misunderstood and heckled into submission. Perhaps for you as for me, that is a signal of encouragement (I followed it with mariachi). But then again, I'm a misanthrope. Oh all the political tangents my mind turns to just looking at the word Iraq. I won't go there in this forum.
Listen rapt to this item from Sublime Frequencies... then go get some more.


Camellia sinensis said...

I own this and burned a copy for my Persian pathophysiology professor.. She was convinced that there was some heavy Kurdish influence on many of the tracks. An excellent choice to shake up a dull week.

Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls and Sublime Frequencies has served world music well with this offering. I also highly recommend the "thai pop spectacular" volumes because they have a 60's garage sound and some of those tracks are so bubbly you cant help to smile.

Camellia sinensis said...

hey Goodkind, check this out...


Manslaughter said...

I love this international pop shit. There's an all night dance party once a month in Oakland at this rad warehouse, their dj's play nothing but international psych, pop, funk, etc. SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!! I'm stoked on this thanks.

The Goodkind said...

That's pretty intense.