Monday, October 18, 2010


Today's historical mythology lesson comes via Adramelech's Encyclopaedia Metallum page: "Adramelech is an Assyrian sun god. Adramelech became later depicted (like many other pagan gods) as a demon in Judeo-Christian tradition. He is being described as the president of the senate of demons, chancellor of Hell and supervisor of Satan's wardrobe by Collin de Plancy's book on demonology. In Milton's Paradise Lost Adramelech is a fallen angel." OK? OK.
Cryptic, shredding Finnish ESLDM from some dudes that used to be in DEMIGOD. Nothing wrong with that.

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Anonymous said...

good shit. cheers.

RyGar said...

"Supervisor of Satan's wardrobe?" The devil has a guy to tell him what to wear? That's kind of weak. I guess a little faux-paux, like a "Hatchet Man" patch on his denim vest could do a lot towards ruining his cred.