Monday, October 25, 2010

Mind the Drift - Criterion Edition

Big Business released their third full length album earlier this year and I’ll admit it’s not my favorite record of all time (this is). But when these dudes decided to record commentary for their album and release it for free on their website, I was totally won over once again and am now standing firm on the Pro Business side of the fence. Here is Mind the Drift in it’s superior version, with members commentary.

Download the Criterion Edition here.


Aylmer said...

Here Come The Waterworks blew me away. I love that album. The first one's good too. I tried to like Mind the Drift over a few listens. No dice. I really can't stand it. I don't think I've ever resented a band so much for changing their style. I like it when bands evolve and change, and often applaud it. Not this time. They devolved.

SEANFORD said...

aylmer, im with you 100%. which is why this version is so awesome. mind the drift was missing something, turns out it was the sound of a stoned attempt at opening a beer with a ceiling fan.

Aylmer said...

I get your drift.