Friday, October 29, 2010


Yeah, it's shitty to put a band photo on the cover of a metal album (even a demo), and most of you guys probably have this already, and I'm probably running a pretty high risk of driving the whole "late-era Gorguts rules, you knob!" thing into the ground. But hey, it's Friday, I'm in a pissy mood, and the world can always use a little more dissonant, twisted, mindfucking death metal.
For the ignorant boobs among you, the Negativa story is as follows: after the dissolution of Gorguts in the mid-00's, main dudes Luc LeMay and Steeve Hurdle (along with on-and-off drummer Patrick Robert) formed Negativa, a band wholly dedicated to the furtherance of the "late-era Gorguts" psychedelic backwards-metal sound. They managed to produce one quick demo before LeMay bailed to resurrect the 'Guts, while Hurdle stayed on board and attempted to shift the band in a "different direction" (read as: "not nearly as good"). OK? OK. The three songs on this fucker are as good as anything on Obscura, and probably better than anything on From Wisdom To Hate.
You're welcome. Fuck off/Have a good weekend

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