Sunday, October 10, 2010

POD PEOPLE - Mons Animae Mortuorum

Ggggggday yaz cuntz. I haven't been on the interwebz much recently cuz of, ya know, "Life" and all that jazz. It can really suck. No really, it's a beautiful thing.

That "Life" shit has caused me to miss some great shows recently - Zeni Geva/Nunchukka Superfly and Acid King/Pod People/Summonus. The fact that I didn't even know about the Acid King show until the day after didn't help matters much either. What the fuck?

Anyhow, one cool show I caught recently was Coffins with Pod People and Summonus (and a BM band I can't remember the name of, sorry). I have to say that despite liking Coffins recorded output a great deal, their live show that night left me a little cold. Probably wasn't helped by the fact that I had the worst case of indigestion I've ever had in my life during their set. I thought I was gonna die and had to sit down for a bit. What a pussy. Bangers and mash and too much Coopers perhaps?


Whatever, the standout band of the night for me was the trusty old Pod People, from the town of my upbringing and younger years Canberra (our inglorious capital). Canberra's a weird-ass burg. Built on a spooky aboriginal sacred site (not cool), it was "designed" by Walter Burley-Griffin in a highly organised pattern that many a conspiracy theorist has suggested makes it some kind of Satanic, Illuminati, Intersecting Ley Line Antenna thing. Which is true. See the fucked up map below for proof. Intersecting Triangles much?

I haven't lived there for about 15 years but I remember it as a place of much Wiccan practice; incredible skate spots (Ainsley drains, Spence drains, Insano, Watson Superbowl and WODEN LOCALS RULE BITCHES!); shit tons of naturally occurring magic mushies; the worst heroin problem I've ever seen and a horrible local venereal disease called "skinheads".

But one great thing the place did produce is the aforementioned POD PEOPLE. They've been doling out awesomely stoney, sludgy, deathy doom since '93. WAY before I was into the stuff, having not yet broken out of my blinkered hardcore phase, and definitely before it became all "trendy". I remember seeing them at some point in the '90s and thinking, these guys suck. They're too slow. Now I see them and think, these guys (and girl) rule. I like how they're not too slow. Weird.

I wish they'd play Sydney more often, but as Ray Ahn recently said, the only way to lure them up here is with an ounce of the stickiest of the icky-sticky. Shitty hydro will not do.

So, bro, check out their '08 full length
Mons Animae Mortuorum. I hope they don't mind it being posted here. I did buy a T-shirt the other night if that helps, and I'll go to as many of your shows as I can make it to. And if you live around here, you should too du arschloch.

This Roooooo has met his Doooooooooom

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