Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Yet another entry in the PDX Splatterthrash series, and also the last, because I'm running out of creative ways to say "Here's another Portland area goregrind/Razorback band that samples 70's horror movies and features members of Engorged, Frightmare, and Lord Gore". Seriously. There are too many.

Blood Freak, recording-wise, is mostly a one-man project purveyed by a guy named "Maniac Neil", although he enlists the help of some other freaky dudes for live shows (see awesome band photo, below). Side note: either Maniac Neil is a kick-ass drummer, or this album was recorded with a kick-ass drum machine. If the latter is true, I've got to admit the coolness is significantly diminished. But the super-wet, monster-in-the-closet vocals, Dad Rockish wah-wah solos, and goofy song titles like "You Are What We Eat" equal instant forgiveness. Long story short, a pleasantly gory, violently silly metal album that neatly sums up the "Portland Sound" of the early-to-mid 00's. Good shit.

Pro tip: Sleaze Merchants maintains a perfect 100% review score on Encyclopaedia Metallum, meaning that it is approximately 33.3 times as good as that horrendous Cretaceous demo.

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Crankenstien said...

they look like a lame biker gang on sons of anarchy

Aylmer said...

the last seconds of poor Olga Karlatos' vision.