Friday, August 21, 2009


Septic Death was a short-lived Boise, Idaho hardcore band, fronted by legendary punk/metal artist Pushead, who were active from 1981-1986. Crossed Out Twice is a complete (???) discography of their recorded material, culled from a scattered assortment of seven inch records and compilations and featuring a whopping 40 cuts of rippin' brutality. The word "horror-core" was coined posthumously to describe their sound, which I find to be an apt summation. Production is sub-par, but Septic Death is one of those bands that should be recorded poorly. Imagine early Bad Brains attending a late-night drive-in horror double feature with a basement-era Accused and you might start getting an idea of where Septic Death are coming from.
Highly recommended.

Download HERE

Look out for more Pushead-related goodies on I.C. REAL soon...


Anonymous said...

I have this on vinyl, but as with all my vinyl it's all the way across the pond... Cheers for posting this.
I'll be looking forward to the Pushead post!

cable_zombie said...

I got Now That I Have Your Attention signed...but it'll get sold soon enough I guess.

Yeah looking forward to more Pushead.