Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Welcome, friends, to a brand new feature here on I.C., an ongoing series I call 'Bromantic Interludes'.
The basic idea: I give a one-word concept to a guest blogger, who in turn creates a digital "mix" based on that concept for us all to download. Simple enough, correct?
Of course.

To kick things off, I was lucky enough to enlist RyGar (right), sole proprietor and mastermind behind the brilliant and addicting (Nobody Knows) I'm New Wave. RyGar has been a friend of The Contraption since way back, and knowing of his propensity for indulgence in green, leafy substances, I assigned him the following concept: "DRUGS".

I should have known it would happen -- RyGar was so enthusiastic about the subject at hand that his mix couldn't be confined to just ONE volume. Expect more from him (and others) in the near future...


First off, let me thank blogmaster and all around awesome dude Shelby Cobras for having me over as a guest. I promise not to make a huge mess, bro.

Drugs - I love them. I mean, I'm not like, snorting crystal meth off the tits of a silverback gorilla in my spare hours, but I've had some truly great times 'tripping the life fantastic' as they say. Most of my hard substance abuse adventuring happened in my mid-teens (94-98, though, to be honest, I'm not the greatest when it comes to remembering chronology). I guess I was about thirteen the first time I smoked weed. There was this older kid, Bryan Duft (not his real name), who was kind of a pagan, pre-corporate-merchandise goth. He showed up at my friends apartment with something he called 'creeper weed', and we smoked a couple bowls while watching Beavis and Butthead. Some people say they don't get stoned the first time. Those people suck at getting high/life. I was fucking ripped! I laughed and giggled for hours. I understood, almost immediately, that our parents and teachers were full of shit. Pot wasn't dangerous, it was awesome! And, if pot was great, what about all the other drugs? Crack seemed a little sketchy, and not much fun, judging by my step dad's vacant, drooling mug. Heroin was rock n'roll, but it gave you AIDS, and almost definitely killed you. What was left? Mushrooms, Acid, Speed, ecstasy, PCP, and pills in every color of the gay rainbow. In the next few years I made my way through all of them, and I'll tell you more about that in future installments.

This first mix is mostly straight-forward 'songs about drugs'. Genre-wise, it's all over the place, but mostly lands on the "Punk/Hardcore" side of the proverbial fence. "Why isn't there more Metal?", I can hear you whine. Probably because these songs were chosen for their lyrical significance concerning the theme at hand, and metal isn't known for lyrical coherence. Also, during the years that I was doing the drugs, I wasn't listening to much Metal. Sorry, guy. Maybe I'll get some more blastbeats and grunts on the next mix. Now, get properly munted on the substance of your choice and enjoy:

DRUGS: Vol. 1 - Ingestion and uptake.

(click on image for full size tracklist)


Shelby Cobras said...

Dude. Jay Reatard "Turning Blue".
Too soon, bro.

Excellent post.

Shelby Cobras said...

In addition: I have always been a fan of good first lines in a song. From Bad Company's rapist-esque "Well I take whatever I want/And baby, what I want is you", to Manowar's "I hear the sound/In a metal way", the first line in a song must always be considered the most important.

One of my favorites is Nigel Peppercock's "Stoned": "Lurking in the forest/Hiding from the trolls". Such imagery! A++++

RyGar said...

I did have a RIP Jay Reatard note in the comments of that track, but I must of accidently changed it. But, hey, all I'm saying is that the man's music lives on.

Helm said...

I smoked weed for the first time when I was 24, didn't get high, never pursued it further.

That's my hardboiled drug story, very blood in the streets, I know.

Vison said...

Μan...or Astro-Man?
I think i finally get bromance now...
RyGar, my antennae reach for you in a mostly manly way.

Shelby Cobras said...

Helm - I don't think you suck at getting high/life. But I got HIGH AS FUCK the first time i smoked. Haven't done it for a long, long time though. Got burnt out at a young age growing up in Humboldt County.
Here's a secret for you and whoever else stumbles across this comment column: I haven't indulged in ANY drugs, legal or otherwise (alcohol included) in several months.

Vision: Um, whoa.

Helm said...

I've recently stopped drinking alcohol too (3-4 months or so). I only tried weed because I had an irrational aversion to the culture and the idea of drugs (even soft drugs). I have friends that smoked weed recreationally and it didn't ruin their lives or anything and I didn't want to be silently judging them, so I tried it. Helped with the irrational aversion though!

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

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Erik Del Tigre said...

My favorite: