Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Plecostomus is from Omaha, NE. They're a funny band. Not ironic funny, they're actually trying to be funny, in a serious way. By that I mean that they want you to laugh at their music. Which is great. They're part of a long history of bands like The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Happy Flowers, and, Ween. The Ween link, by the way, is a link to a great video.

Their first album was called Welcome to the Ple-Ground. It included songs like 'Clam Chowder', 'Midget Sex', and 'I Drive a GEO Metro'. My personal favorites are 'Scrambled Porn' and 'Gnome Named Norm'. 'You're a Dude' is good too. 'Connor (Live from the BBC)' is about that idiot Connor Oberst from that stupid band Bright Eyes.

Society in General is their second release. 'At the Renaissance', and 'The Poop Song' are nice.

Oh, and the band is named after this fish:

Both of these albums contain over twenty songs, so I wrestled with the idea of just making a 'greatest hits' sort of thing, but decided to let y'all decide for yo'selves. Word.

welcome to the ple-ground
society in general


Shelby Cobras said...

Both links direct to Welcome To The Ple-Ground, no Society In General. I like it, reminds me of They Might Be Giants + Pleaseeasaur.

Jack said...

ohhhh, that's embrrassing. very bad ettiquette, i suppose. why didn't anyone else mention this? thank you, shelby, for pointing it out - i, for one, am going to blame this mistake on Bin Laden, and move on.
here is the link to 'society in general'...

Shelby Cobras said...

Goddamn Muslim fundamentalists, they're always a step ahead. I don't know why we even try, it seems like the only sensible thing to do is just give up altogether.

Viagra said...

Good thing they are one step ahead... that way we don't have to wait for someone here to do it. The more time we save the better.