Monday, December 14, 2009


Gravespawn began as a solo black metal project by this dude that calls himself Rellik Sephiroth, Infernal Necrolord. Rellik was originally a member of a band called Lythos, that broke up while he was serving our country in South Korea but has reportedly regrouped. When he returned from overseas, Rellik decided to focus on Gravespawn and has since moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles and began to play live and stuff. Here is a picture of our young hero Rellik:

This is the original Gravespawn demo Thus Reigns the Imperial Order of Tartaros, recorded in South Korea and released in very limited quantities. Rellik plays all of the instruments himself, of course, and it's hella kvlt, I reckon. Here is a review of it, if you like to read. Not only does in include a cover of Burzum's "Was Einst War", it also offers a quaint little ditty entitled "Your Complete Guide on how to Stalk a Virgin for a Satanic Sacrifice Ritual", which I think is a Jonas Brothers cover, but I'm not sure.



Shelby Cobras said...

There must be some sort of mistake, they don't have black metal in Kansas.

PS This rules.

Shelby Cobras said...

Also: I'd like to think that when he's at his day job, Rellik Sephiroth, Infernal Necrolord goes by something like Rellik Sephiroth, Accounts Payable.