Monday, December 7, 2009

change of pace monday

I just finished watching Santa Claus is Coming to Town with my two kids. I'm a sucker for Christmas movies and SCICTT is probably my favorite, mainly becuase i love to see that bastard 'Herr Burgermeister' get his comeuppance. I mean, just look at this asshole.

Anyway, I'm in a good mood, despite having a complicated day. I've also had a few, uh, adult beverages, which always helps. I decided to post a few things that may help those of you looking to change things up a bit from a genre of music that always helps me put things into perspective: all female punk-pop from Asia.

Shonen Knife needs no introduction. But just in case, they formed in 1981 in Osaka, Japan and had a few brief minutes of minor fame in the states because Thurston Moore and Kurdt Cobain really dug them. Rock Animals, released in 1993, is probably their most well known album.


Hang on the Box is from Beijing. They formed in 1998, released a few really kick ass albums and, as I just discovered, disbanded. Which is a shame. Here is their third release Di Di Di.

Gito Gito Hustler is a quartet from Tokyo that formed in 1995 and is still together. This is either a demo or a sampler I picked up after seeing them live in 2003, I think. The songs are from their album Love and Roll. Their cover of "The Locamotion" is awesome.



Hell Crust said...

hahah meister meister burgerr!!! ive seen that movie so many times and youre right man, that dude is an asshole.

will you be at the DNA on friday?

Shelby Cobras said...

Jack from Topeka wrote this. I doubt he will be at DNA Friday. But I will.

Burger Meister was a dick indeed. If you dig Asian female pop on acid, I also recommend Bleach 03 (just re-upped). Good stuff, nice work jack.