Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Pavor is a band that has dwelt in the periphery of the death metal genre for almost 20 years, a brilliantly talented yet extremely reclusive group of basement-dwelling German Hessians with chops aplenty and compositional skills to spare. They have never sought any sort of recognition, shunning the idea of record labels or artwork altogether and preferring, instead, to let the music speak for itself. And while such taciturn virtuosity might seem pretentious or even foolish in most cases, I must admit: These guys deserve to do whatever the fuck they want. This shit is AMAZING.
Musically speaking, Pavor stands head and shoulders above all challengers, whether it be in 1994 or 2009. The curious use of the bass as a lead instrument is what really sets Pavor apart, and the fluid riffs and off-key noodlings provided by Rainer Landfermann (who composes Pavor's music as well and also used to play in Bethlehem) are unbelievable. But the bass is by no means the only instrument doing something strange. The drums are rock solid, alternately blasting, galloping, and grinding to a halt, while the guitar staggers along on a strange mix of unexpected chord structures, screeching solos, and weird dynamics.
Despite a smattering of demos and other assorted detritus, the only other full-length Pavor album was Furioso, released almost a full decade later without fanfare, publicity, or any kind of promotion. It, too, speaks for itself. Expect to see it here on I.C. sometime in the near future.

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PS: Thanks to Illogical Bro TMM for introducing me to Pavor in the first place. Awesome stuff.


Helm said...

I don't think Rainer Landfermann plays in Bethlehem anymore, he did -amazing- vocals for that one record. I don't think the Bethlehem mainman likes Landfermann anymore if I remember correctly from some interview.

Also your text seems to suggest that he writes the music for Bethlehem though I know you didn't mean that but that instead he writes it for Pavor.

Pavor is one of the few 'technical death metal' bands I can not only listen to but get really into.

TMM said...

I'll take care of Furioso if you want Shelby......How are things?????

Shelby Cobras said...

I'm a BIG fan of Landfermann's vocals with Bethlehem. Their song on the Gummo soundtrack was the first I ever heard of them, and I instantly went out and bought 2 of their CD's. And was like, "what....?"

Welcome back, buddy! Where you been? I thought maybe you got offended and boycotted I.C. after that anonymous guy said you looked like Richard Kiel (har har)... I would be stoked if you posted on Furioso, it's been too long. You can post on whatever you want, really... A video of you taking a dump? Sure!
Things are good, I really can't complain. How bout you?

Mister Booze said...

Thanks for the tip on this, these guys are great. They remind me how good death metal can be.

TMM said...

Nope......I kind of just stayed away from any heavy computer dabbling until the snow started to force me indoors.(that and I lost my HD with 500GB of Mp3's and pictures/art). But I would like to pitch in sometimes and Get my own thing going again. Have you posted any Residents yet?????

Shelby Cobras said...

No but did you get this:


??? Great stuff.

All of my Residents recordings are kind of bits and pieces, not many proper albums. Whatcha got???

Sucks about your hard drive, but I'm glad the snow made you bored enough to bro down with your internet buddies again...


Asa said...

Pavor are fucking amazing. And man...they're TOTALLY pretentious! That's part of the fun!

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