Friday, December 4, 2009

A Brief Series Of Unrelated Images And Thoughts

For any readers in the Eureka/Arcata/Humboldt County area:

(As if anyone in Humboldt County has the internet, HA! HA!)

Undisputed kings of all Rock Music DALTON will be rocking The Alibi in A-Town tomorrow night, along with Illogical Bro Sean's band PROFESSOR (couldn't find their Myspace, hence no link, but they ROCK). That shit is gonna be OFF THE CHAIN.

Speaking of Bros and Humboldt County, Sunday marks the 60th birthday of my old man (right). To celebrate, undisputed kings of all Rock Music DALTON will be rocking his party on Saturday afternoon. None of you are uninvited.
So there.

Speaking of people with questionable moral fortitude, Juggalos are in the news again.
Well, not really the "news", per se, but an awesome Tumblr journal/photoblog thing called The Juggalog.
Written by an ICP roadie who also happens to HATE ICP (and Juggalos in general), The Juggalog is a dark, depressing, and perverse quest through the Dark Carnival, seen through the eyes of a level-headed stagehand. Highly recommending reading despite its short run, and full of brutal images such as the ones shown below:

Ouch! Someone call child welfare services!

Speaking of separating the men from the boys, check out the screengrab below, of an ad that I found greeting me when I signed on to Blogger this afternoon:

Speaking of NON-METAL BALLS, I'd just like to add one more factoid that I gleaned from Yahoo News today:
President Obama's Afghanistan troop surge has just been bestowed with the code name "OPERATION COBRA'S ANGER". So there's that, too.

Have a good weekend, gang. I'll catch up with you all next week.


The Goodkind said...

Cobra's Anger makes me think of the fourth track on Engorged s/t album, COBRA RAGE!

Jimbo said...

rage hard, my son

Anonymous said...

To quote the Mooninites, "Your father is a nerd."