Wednesday, July 8, 2009


URGENT UPDATE: The date has been changed for the upcoming Cretaceous show at the Evil Dead Shed in Concord. It is now on Saturday, July 25th. Along with everyone's favorite Dino-Metal band, we will also be graced by the presence of:
Devour The Masses from Santa Rosa,
Suspended from New Mexico,
Manias from New Mexico, and
Sonic Discharge from Walnut Creek.

Come on out out and swab the poop-deck with us!

Also, the mighty FARTICUS have pulled out of their August 4th show with Dalton and Thirtythreeandathird, due to the fact that they have broken up. But luckily, it appears that the two-man metal juggernaut known as Pegataur will be replacing them. Which rules.

PS: According to Sitemeter, I was actually mistaken when I speculated in a recent post that only 5% of Illogical Contraption's readership resides in the Bay Area. Upon closer inspection, it's probably more like 1%. Or less. So these 'Upcoming Shows' posts are in fact almost completely superfluous. But whatever. These flyers are SEXY.

PSS: Peter - For another AWESOME Hitler video (about Brokencyde), click here. Would've posted it, but it's non-embeddable.

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