Thursday, July 16, 2009


By Del Tigre

Jim Dandy Mangrum, lead singer of Black Oak Arkansas:

What else do you need to know?

Orlando, FL 1979
1. Radio Interview with Jim Dandy
2. You Can't Do That
3. Rough Stuff
4. Jim Dandy To The Rescue
5. People Wanna Rock
6. Shawn Lane Guitar Solo/Lord Have Mercy On My Soul
7. Not Fade Away
8. Race With The Devil
9. I Get Down
10. Radio Show Wrap Up

Live '74/'75
1. Hey Y'all
2. Hot N' Nasty
3. Hall of Kharma
4. When Electricity Came To Arkansas
5. Dixie
6. Jim Dandy To The Rescue
7. Fancy Nancy
8. Cryin' Shame
9. Rebel
10. Up

Note: Prince not included.


TMM said...

I've got love for these guys.....great story

Shelby Cobras said...

...Speaking of great codpieces...

I'm still convinced Diamond Dave stole at least half of his shtick from Jim Dandy...

Oh, and PS: Rhino Records just released a new BOA multi-disc set that contains these two recordings PLUS a bonus disc that actually DOES contain Prince. Check it out HERE.

Anonymous said...

Bullet belt, spandex, AND a sly come hither look? This guy was up to his neck in hairy 70's pussy!