Sunday, July 12, 2009


To me, Germany's Accept seems like a rowdy younger brother to the Scorpions, with bigger balls, more energy, and an insatiable hunger for truck stop poontang. Led by benevolent homunculus Udo Dirkshneider, Accept's rich history goes all the way back to 1971, although their self-titled debut album didn't surface until 8 years later. Restless And Wild finds them at their peak, still surfing the crest of the NWOBHM and yet to release the MTV-approved (but still pretty goddamn good) Balls To The Wall.
Chock full of swagger, butt, cheez, and lager, RAW will kick your ass, screw your lady, and bang your head all in under 45 minutes. Check out that opening track, "Fast As A Shark". DAMN!

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Ambassador MAGMA said...

Udo who? Udo Fucking Dirkschneider is in my top 5 vocalists of all time. His voice is like broken glass being rubbed on a rusty cello string being blasted into your mom's bedroom from a bazooka.

After seeing the Balls to the Wall video as a young knee-high, I was surprised it was Rob Halford for the metal god to come out. Sheesh! What a bunch of macadamias!

This was their shining moment.