Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This week: MAGMA - ATTAHK (1978)

In case you missed it, you can read a slightly more in-depth study of Magma mastermind Christian Vander and the strange genre he spawned here.

Attahk deepens the Magma mythology, both lyrically and musically, chronicling the further exploits of protagonist Köhntarkösz Köhntarkösz and his battle to leave the Earth and establish a new Utopian society elsewhere in the galaxy. His people, the Kobaïan, are at war with the People of Ork in a nearby galaxy (Ourgon and Gorgo up there are from Ork, apparently), as well as being at odds with the corrupt government of Earth. But it's hard to say, because the whole story is told in the Kobaïan language (which Vander himself invented). But Attakh seems to be mainly concerned with Kobaïan/Ork relations. Or something.
Musically, this album (like any other Magma release) truly SOUNDS like it came from outer space, full of weird time signatures, throbbing bass, kazoos, hyperactive horn sections, and group vocals often pierced by Vander's curious falsetto. The familiar jazz and rock elements are still present, but Magma pumps out some serious funk grooves on Attakh as well, making the overall sound that much more odd and disconcerting. Although this is one of the last releases affiliated with the whole Kobaïan/Zeuhl trip that Magma dwelt in for the duration of the 1970's, it is also one of the best.
Recorded from vinyl with snaps, crackles, and pops still intact. Bonus!

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Ambassador MAGMA said...

Yes, this is awesome. It has an HR Giger cover, which isn't always advisable to be drawn to, but in this case, it is! Futurekill... uh, not so much!

Shelby Cobras said...

Futurekill? Are you kidding me?
A CLASSIC. I got a tattoo of that shit.

All the paintings with penises and condoms and dead babies, though... Not so much.