Thursday, July 30, 2009


Illogical Contraption has always had a fascination with the obscure metal phenomenom of man-antlers (or, more commonly, "Mantlers"). I first discussed them at length on the THIRD DAY of this blog's existence, and followed up with more about them here, here, here, and... Hell, if you need more, just click the 'Mantlers' tag over there on the sidebar. Mantlers are a strange and prevalent symptom of heavy metal culture, too weird to be widely acknowledged but too common to be some sort of coincidence. Several examples of well-known Mantlers are shown below.

So imagine my delight when I saw the cover art for Skeleton Witch's impending album, Breathing The Fire, over on MetalSucks earlier today:

HOLY SHIT! This might just be the finest example of a mantlered metallion I've EVER seen. Not only are the Mantlers totally center stage on this one, but the cover itself couldn't conceivably any more METAL than it already is. This rules.
But here's the kicker: The artwork was created by Major Bro, SF resident, and all-around rockin' dude Andrei Bouzikov (right), who has also supplied album covers for Municipal-Waste,Cannabis Corpse, and many, many others.
Hold on, though, it gets even better: Not only is Andrei tuned into the Mantler phenomenon, but he has also shown interest in creating a gore and dinosaur-themed cover for the upcoming CRETACEOUS CD, which might quite possibly be the coolest thing to ever exist, EVER.
Consider my nads VERY PUMPED.

PS: Extra points awarded to this album for the first documented usage of a bull-skull codpiece. Never seen THAT before.

PSS: Another mantlered beauty, this one off of Oakland's own LAUDANUM's new shirts and patches. Thanks to Hell Crust for the head's up.


Ambassador MAGMA said...

That is truly beautiful

Hell Crust said...

Laudanum (Oakland) has mantlers on their new shirt/patch

Hell Crust said...

haha the mantlers are just for their shirts/patches

there is new album art already by judd hawk, no mantlers