Tuesday, July 28, 2009


For this, the SIX-HUNDRED-SIXTY-SIXTH POST here on the ol' Illogical Contraption, I figured I should feature an especially gooey, disgusting, and Satanic album, one that sums up what being evil and mean is all about. Assembled In Blasphemy is just such an album.
Comprised of three dudes from the whole Abscess/Autopsy thing, the singer from Necrophagia, and Dan Lilker (who has been in every band, EVER, up to and including an uncredited appearance on a Jonas Brothers album last year), Ravenous are the rare "supergroup" that DOES in fact add up to the sum of its parts, a black/speed/death/thrash metal amalgamation that possesses the good parts of each genre while suffering the pratfalls of none. Assembled In Blasphemy was the first in a run of two albums and one EP from these guys and is chuck full of malice, venom, sexual perversion, splattered blood, obscure horror movie samples, and good, old-fashioned HATE. Posers seeking "cred", begin here.

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