Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Joy of a Wedding

There is nothing more beautiful than the coming together of two deserving people. To mark this key milestone in all our lives our society has crafted its greatest tradition, the wedding. Weddings are the perfect representation of the love two people feel for each other. Each small detail of the traditional wedding ceremony is perfectly placed to represent one or another aspect of the bride and groom's future lives together. Beyond that it provides a true merging of families and friends and larger social circles. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the after-party reception where everyone boogies down together, laughing giddy like children and showing off their stuff. It is in these moments that we feel most alive as human beings, most connected with our friends and family and our god.

While all weddings are inherently grand and beautiful there are sometimes those that take it a step beyond, where mere tradition is improved upon with spectacle and sublime performance. This serves to draw the guests in even closer to the sacred love being shared by the betrothed-to-be. There are many great examples of crazy and outrageous wedding dances and surprises out there in YouTube land but there is one in particular that has this week caught the nation's attention. I have linked it here below so our dear and loyal readers at Illogical Contraption don't miss out on this cultural landmark. The video takes about twenty seconds to really get going so please, be patient, and soon you will be crying tears of joy from the deepest corners of your metal hearts. You are welcome in advance.

Life at it's most beautiful


Charles T Heckler said...

I'm also quite fond of this wedding video

The most important day of a woman's life

stargraves said...

A wedding were everone is a twat.