Friday, May 22, 2009


Three months ago, Illogical Contraption sent out a call for Contributing Writers, in an attempt to expand its parameters beyond the narrow confines of its creator's tiny mind. Six brave souls (shown at left) accepted the challenge, and as a result have become forever immortalized in the halls of this great institution. As Illogical Contraption soldiers forth into a new age of mind-blowing internet awesomeness, bolstered by both a massive fan base and also a great deal of corporate sponsorship, the call goes out yet again.
Today's youth are living in a virtual wonderland of technological breakthroughs, "roller-blading" to the next "ultimate frisbee" match while planning parties around the hot new "video-gaming system" on their "cellular telephones". Fearing that this blog may fall "out of touch" with its hip, young target demographic, the I.C. Board of Directors has made the decision to search for some "new blood", contributors who might be able to offer something beyond the standard drivel posted here on a daily basis.
Are YOU that person? Do YOU have what it takes, the drive and determination to face the pressing issues that we all face in this turbulent, post-9/11 landscape, through image, video, and print? Are you ready to be a part of what at least one reviewer called "quite possibly the best thing on the internet, EVER"?

Submit a resume to the email address shown at right (below the 'Tags' section) TODAY!
Be a part of the I.C. Team, and start living the dream!!!


Jimbo said...

hey man hows things? havent had the net for ages but should be online again super soon and would be keen to bust out a post or two. hows life been bro?

jim from salty boardies

Shelby Cobras said...

life is super, mate. enjoying a three day weekend, gettin read to go barbeque some grub with some bros. good to hear from you, and i look forward to your contributions. hows brisbane?

Jimbo said...

mate its been pretty good, but life in the concrete jungle is hectic and fast, just how i like my thrash, but not how i like my life, if you know what i mean. got a ticket to ac/dc. so so stoked they sold out in 7 minutes for fucks sake

Shelby Cobras said...


Life in the concrete jungle is a mixed bag - give and take... Try to enjoy the cultural epiphanies, it's a trip. I'm stoked that we became digi-pen-pals, BTW. You're a Bro in my book. I'm a little drunk, but you know what? I think you're the SHIT, Jimbo. I hope that some day we can truly BRO-DOWN, mate-to-mate, maybe somewhere in Southeast Asia.