Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm usually anti-censorship, anti-PMRC, anti-whatever... But sometimes, a moral issue arises that is so pressing, so important, it negates any sort of personal ideologies . I speak, of course, of BrokeNCYDE, the media scourge that even now threatens the minds and bodies of our younger generation. Luckily, a conservative group of moms known as Mothers Against BrokeNCYDE have decided to strike back at these sick freaks, with the sole intention of nothing less than their total and complete eradication. Won't you take a moment to check in with them at www.mothersagainstbrokencyde.net and show some support? We owe it to our children.

But not our children's children, because children shouldn't be having sex.

Urgent update!: My bro Cory claims that Mothers Against Brokencyde is actually a scam, set up by these hooded-T-shirt wearing fucktards' OWN MANAGEMENT to drum up publicity (see also: "The CIA vs. The Black Panther Coloring Book). While I can't yet confirm or deny that this is true, I am nonetheless outraged.

To paraphrase a very wise man: "Fool me once, Brokencyde, shame on you. Fool me twice... Well, you can't fool me twice."

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Jake said...

Man, you guys totally beat me to the punch with a Mothers Against Brokencyde post. I typed up a similar post at around 4pm US central time but didn't post it until a few minutes ago:


Great minds think alike, I reckon. Still, great blog you guys have here, it's been added to my favorites, and I gave you guys props in the end of my article. Keep up the good work!