Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Conjuring images of chainsaws, flannel shirts, motorcycles, and long hours at the sawmill, massively-bearded Humboldt County natives The Hitch played a distinctive brand of Bro-friendly hard rock that they dubbed "Mountain Metal". Although they broke up 2 or 3 years ago, these guys enjoyed a long and fruitful reign over the Arcata metal scene, which resulted in a whole lot of spilt beer and a long-standing rivalry with my old band. You see, we were both "large fish" in a "small pond", and while The Hitch's blues-based stoner jams were more popular among chicks and frat boys, MY band was obviously superior, both musically and conceptually.
But we ALWAYS remained Bros through thick and thin, and I stay in contact with these dudes on a semi-regular basis. I'm man enough to admit now that this CD ROCKS, and I commend The Hitch on the magical, burly sounds that they created.
Cover art sucks ass, though.

A couple of Hitch Beard Facts:

1) Laid end to end, the collective Hitch beard hair would reach to the Moon and back. THREE TIMES.
2) Steve's beard has its own weather system.
3) If one were adventuresome enough to explore the INSIDE of a Hitch Beard, they would not, in fact, find a chin. They would find only ANOTHER BEARD.

Download BEARD

Below: Drunk Hitch strikes a pose with Mr. Captain Blackdawg, the ORIGINAL Pyrate Punk (he's the one with the LEAST IMPRESSIVE beard).


Charles T Heckler said...

I believe that copying their cd is an "open invitation to get your ass beat"

oh, and prince of the sawmill is fucking great.

Shelby Cobras said...

If you can locate a copy TO BUY, please feel free to do so. Until then, I'll be taking my chances with these pussies and their sissy little princess beards.

Charles T Heckler said...

if you have an lp-computer setup i have the far superior Prince of the Sawmill 45 edition

Shelby Cobras said...

I don't, but Peter does and we've been talking about bringin it over to Geary to start archiving some vinyl...

leftoverking said...

ha ha ha, awesome! dude, bohner is gonna sue your ass since he owns all the rights!

a bunch of this kind of stuff is up on justin from grout's blog at Http://www.mustard-relics.com

leftoverking said...

hey, and in defense of my cover art, at least you can fucking read it!

p.s. i think i saw ely's spandex walking around town yesterday.