Friday, May 8, 2009


Amanaman (also known as Aman Aman) was part of the near-mythical "Last 17" series of Star Wars action figures. "The Last 17" refers the final 17 figures produced after Return of the Jedi, which were produced in an extremely limited run and are GOLD to nerdy collector types. In addition to Amanaman, other "Last 17" (also known as "Tailender") characters were Anakin, Paploo, Lomat, Battle Poncho Luke, R2D2 With Pop-up Lightsaber, and Han In Carbonite.

But that's not what makes Amanaman (an "Amani", racially speaking) the COOLEST.
From Wookieepedia: "Amanaman resembled a yellow giant, shriveled planarian, with long gangly arms and a green back and stripe pattern. Amani were also known by the colloquial name "head hunters" due to their tendency to collect their victims' heads as souvenirs, and Amanaman was no exception; for a time around 4 ABY he wielded a staff from which three prized heads grotesquely hung, and kept a dried decapitated corpse, all from unidentified victims, at his side."
Obviously, not very many 80's action figures came with accesories as sweet as 3 DECAPITATED HEADS. For this reason, Amanaman earns the honor of being by far the most METAL Star Wars toy, surpassing other bounty hunters like Boba Fett and Bossk by far. Super gnarly.

Get your own ORIGINAL Amanaman action figure (sans packaging - shown at right) for only $130 on eBay! What a score! Check it out!

PS: Yak Face (aka Joe Camel - see example), another of the "Last 17", is going for $100 MORE than that. All the more reason...

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