Friday, May 8, 2009


The mysterious nocturnal creatures of Mystic Circle pump out some seriously rippin', death-infused black metal, heavy on the corny/triumphant keyboards. Or rather, they did pump out that style of music. In recent years, much like KISS in the 80's and several other misdirected BM bands of late, The Circle have washed off their corpsepaint and gotten much more "serious" about their music. I ask you: If you were in a band that looked as AWESOME as Mystic Circle did in the 90's, why would you ever change a goddamn thing?! Beats me.
Anyhow, Drachenblut kicks ass, although its "lengthy keyboard intro/song/ lenthy keyboard intro/song" format might get a little tiresome. I personally wouldn't have it any other way, but some of you guys out there who don't like castles and unicorns might want to skip this one.

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