Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A weekly feature in which the proprietor of Illogical Contraption disinters forgotten, no-budget films from yesteryear as a service to the public.


Before I dig into this 1987 classic, I'm going to need ALL of you to watch the trailer. Seriously. Don't pretend like you don't have three minutes to spare.

I know, right?!

Although Redneck Zombies was picked up and distributed by Troma Entertainment, thus making it (relatively) easy to find, the studio was not involved in the film's production, hence it retains a distinct 'homemade' feel. Directed by the awesomely-named Pericles Lewnes (who went on to direct both X-Training with Randy Couture Volume 1: Boxing & Wrestling Takedowns and X-Training with Randy Couture Volume 2: Kick Boxing & Submission), Zombies is a frantic exercise in personally-funded, brain chomping, mutant hick hilarity.
As we all know, when it comes to horror movies, the smallness of a film's budget is directly proportional to the radness of its special effects. Zombies is no exception. Working with little more than a bunch of rancid meat products, a handful of latex, and several hundred gallons of fake blood, Lewnes stretched his funding well, resulting in many highly creative scenes of disembowelment and cannibalism such as the one shown below.

The plot here is pretty standard: The "government" (read as: two guys in a jeep wearing camouflage) spills a bunch of toxic waste out in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere. Somehow, the aforementioned waste finds its way into a vat of moonshine. For the next hour and twenty minutes, we are treated to all manner of evisceration, axe murder, flying gore, and imagery reminiscent of a bad Jeff Foxworthy bit on LSD (speaking of which, the movie itself has a painfully rad "acid trip" sequence as well). But the one contribution that Redneck Zombies will truly be remembered for is the appearance of Undead Flesh-Eating Toddler (see below).
Absolute REQUIRED viewing for people who hate "good" movies.

Get it on Netflix here.

If merely renting this immortal masterpiece isn't enough for you, you can also buy it here.

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