Thursday, May 28, 2009


As I was driving down Van Ness yesterday in the heart of scenic San Francisco, I saw the flyer shown above on the back of a city bus. Immediately disturbed, I decided to put a little research into this so-called "Eco Cup" (an event put on by "Rude Boyz Present", who in a rare show of supreme modesty gave themselves top billing for the show). Part of the Sonoma Valley Harmony Festival, The Eco Cup is a music and skateboarding festival taking place from June 12th to June 14th. The flyer freaked me out for several obvious reasons, but here's a quick list anyway:

1) Seeing the names "Bad Brains" and "Dead Kennedys" advertised on an official city vehicle was weird enough as is. Bands who built their legacy upon political disobedience and social unrest should not be displayed in such a civic manner.
2) It's called the "Harmony Festival". Neither band has much to do, musically speaking, with harmony (at least until Bad Brains turned into Steel Pulse).
3) The fucktastic pop-reggae-rock Sublime knockoff Pepper is also co-headlining.
4) Related events in the Harmony Festival include The Techno-Tribal Community Dance and the Matisyahu Shabbaton.
5) The event is sponsored by both Comcast AND Verizon Wireless.
6) The worst part (for me, at least) is that The Dead Kennedys are performing WITHOUT Jello Biafra (he has been replaced by the singer of The Wynona Riders). Which just goes to show: 30-year-old punk bands are worse than zombies. You can cut off their heads, but they just won't die.

Above: Kinda scary. Below: VERY scary.

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Anonymous said...

this is no different than robbing teenagers at a mall outside of pleasanton.