Friday, May 29, 2009


Highly influential, proto-metallic hard rock courtesy of the shaggy-haired punters in Uriah Heep. This is their third album, and swerves back and forth between both the hard-hitting, organ-driven thunder and lengthy, ponderous acoustic interludes that they are known for. They hadn't started singing too much about wizards and shit on this one, showing more interest in personal issues and the "pleasures of the flesh" (see "Love Machine"). If you do want more wizards in your Heep, head over to Cosmic Hearse and get this one. I recommend it as well.

PS: The original LP version (as well as several subsequent compact disc re-releases) had a piece of foil glued onto the front, to simulate a mirror. Get it?! Look At Yourself?! HA!!!

Somehow it doesn't quite justify that horrible artwork. But almost.

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