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THE MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION: Dwight York And Nuwaubianism

Behold, another exercise in LAZY EPIC BLOGGING!

I'll let Wikipedia write this one: "Nuwaubianism is an umbrella term used to refer to the doctrines and teachings of the followers of Dwight York (right). The Nuwaubians themselves typically do not use the term. It is not to be found in the works of their teacher Dwight D. York. Instead, they have referred to their teachings by such terms as “Nuwaubu,” “Nuwaupu,” “Wu-Nuwaubu,” “Right Knowledge,” “Sound Right Reasoning,” “Overstanding,” “Factology,” and many other names through the years. The Nuwaubians originated as a Black Muslim group in New York in the 1970s, and have gone through many changes since. Eventually, the group established a headquarters in Putnam County, Georgia in 1993, which they have since abandoned (below)."

Now let's go over to Flavorwire: "Under the tutelage of Dr. Malachi Z. York... who claims to be a native of the planet Rizq, the Nuwaubian Church believed that a spacecraft from the planet Illyuwn would visit Earth on May 5th, 2003, and take 144,000 people away and train them for a battle back on Earth a thousand years later against Devil worshipers, called Luciferians."


"Nuwaubianism is an esoteric cosmology, a collection of religious teachings, a group of religious, tribal, and fraternal organizations, and a set of cultural practices that is multifaceted and ever-changing.
York developed Nuwaubianism by drawing on a wide range of sources which include Theosophy-derived New Age movements such as Astara as well as the Rosicrucians, Freemasonry, the Shriners, the Moorish Science Temple of America, the revisionist Christianity and Islam of the Ahmadiyya Movement founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the numerology of Rashad Khalifa, the ancient astronaut theories of Zecharia Sitchin, Robert Temple’s The Sirius Mystery, J.J. Hurtak’s The Keys of Enoch, the works of Richard Shaver (a proponent of the Hollow Earth theory), David Icke, the UFO mythology of greys and reptilians, the political and legal theories of patriot mythology, modern scientific and pseudoscientific legends like those of Area 51, the Philadelphia Experiment, Project Blue Book, Montauk Project, and MJ-12, popular conspiracy theories such as those about the Illuminati or the Bilderberg Group, and even a paperback on fortune-telling.


Tell me more, infallible bastion of truth and journalism Wikipedia!

"Much of the purpose of Nuwaubian doctrine and practice is to counteract what is called “the spell of Leviathan” or “the spell of Kingu.” In Nuwaubian mythology, Leviathan is a god associated with the moon, sex, and spirit — also known as Lucifer, Sin, Set, Thoth, Siva, Hermes, Jehovah, Poseidon, and the biblical serpent.
Nuwaubians believe that the Spell of Leviathan was cast by the devil thousands of years ago to hypnotize Black people into “spiritual ignorance and racial indifference” through such media as the Bible and certain elements of popular culture.
Leviathan has many aliases and hides in many guises, as this example shows:
Sam is short for one of his titles, SamaEl meaning “poison those of EL.” He knows his name. He calls himself Uncle Sam or Dr. Seuss (Zeus) with his famous statement, “Sam I Am, I Am Sam.” This is what they teach the children; not ours however, for they will get right knowledge."

DR. SEUSS??? EVIL??? I am intrigued...

"I AM GOD", selected teachings of Dr. Malachi Z. York (sweet visuals):

2, 3 (incomplete series)

Wikipedia explains Tama-re:

"The Tama-Re compound in Putnam County, Georgia (a.k.a. "Kodesh", “Wahannee”, “The Golden City”, “Al Tamaha”) was an Egyptian-themed set of buildings and monuments established near Eatonton, Georgia by Nuwaubians in 1993 that was mostly demolished after being sold under government forfeiture in 2005.

According to one page:

Armed guards stand at the entrance to Tama-re. Approximately 100 Nuwaubians live within 15 double-wide trailers within this complex. There are approximately another 400 more Nuwaubians within Putnam County (population 14,000). At this current complex the Nuwaubians have constructed an Egyptian-style village with two pyramids, obelisks, and statues of Egyptian leaders. The two pyramids are distinct in appearance and in usage. There is a gold pyramid that serves as a trade center. Within this pyramid one can find a bookstore and a clothing store. The other pyramid is painted black with colorful Egyptian symbols painted on the outside. This structure serves as a church. Within the church, loudspeakers play Egyptian chants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Another source says:

Not long after you’re pretty sure you’ve gone too far, roll up and over one last hill and the pyramids are right there. There’s a black one and a gold one, and a brown-faced sphinx facing the road, and a tall obelisk, and an arch-shaped gate decorated with ankhs and other hieroglyphs, through which runs a road lined with statues of mostly animal-headed deities, all brightly painted in primary colors. Farther back, up on the rise, is a recognizable one, Isis, with ebony skin and her winged arms spread. No level of expectation can dilute the surprise–you can’t believe what you’re seeing. Tama-Re, Egypt of the West, has that "Magic Kingdom" quality.

Tama-Re issued its own passports, license plates, and money.

In 2000, a security / paramilitary group called the “Royal Guard Of Amen-Ra, Inc.” owned by actor Wesley Snipes’s Amen Ra Films filed BATF papers to set up a security training center next to the Tama-Re compound. The Nuwaubians claimed Snipes as one of their own, though a spokeswoman for Snipes denied any connection."


2, 3, 4

And, of course, reptilians are involved too:

2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Damn, dude! Ufology, ancient aliens, the Illuminati, reptilians, AND links to Demolition Man-era Wesley Snipes? Where do I sign up? I'm ready for the fuckin' MOTHERSHIP!

In addition, CreationWiki supplies this information about Dr. Malachi York's extraterrestrial origins:

"York told his followers that to reach Earth, he travelled in a small passenger ship called a “Sham” from a “Motherplane” Called MERKABAH Or NIBIRU.” Obviously, York was born in 1945 on Earth however he claims that when he is speaking about this that he is an Incarnation of an Ilah Mutajassid or an Avatara.
He claims to have arrived on March 16, 1970. Comet Bennett, which was visible on that date, is said to have really been York’s spacecraft:

“I, YAANUWN am an ANUNNAQI or what you would called an Extra-Terrestrial; Extra Terra-Astral. An Eloheem from the 8th planet called RIZQ which has 1 moon SHESHQI of it’s own. This galaxy, the nineteenth galaxy called “ILLYUWN” originally referred to as heaven known as Elysium in Greek. The Banaat, which is the same word as Bennett, the chosen 144,000. The planet Earth is also referred to as Orb, Ard (ARDUWT), QI, Terra or even Tiwawat and Tamtu meaning “Maiden Of Life”. However, It was originally called Tiamat. I YAANUWN, have come to save the children of the ELOHEEM (ANNUNAQI) from being killed as you bring your planet near to what could be its total destruction."

How could this get any better? Easy: allow me to introduce you to "THE FLUGELRODS":

Flugelrods Amongst Us

"The Flugelrods (illustration) were the original Nordics before they crossbred with different races to acquire the appearance they possess presently. They are the originators of the Nordic race and live in a cavern beneath the Antarctic. Their chief is named Korg, the original Halaabites, meaning “to blush,” or Hulub. Flugelrods became known as the Neanderthals, or simply cave men, eating raw flesh, running around on fours, and living in a state of bestiality. They found their way into the inner caverns of the planet. Many of them took residence there while others in time used the trickknology (sic) and terrorized other innocent tribes. This seed moved behind the Caucasus Mountains and up into Russia and became known as the Khazars.

And, wool haired seven ether, orientalist of this seed called Asiatic were known as the Sefarad or Sefaradim Jew. These are the grafted devils that Yaaquub created. They are your Flugelrods, original Khazars, and your Asiatic, Ashkhenazims. Their symbol being the universe, the moon called Ummar, the sun called Qamar, and the bright morning star, they (also) use the crescent moon and the pentagram that is the 5-pointed star.
This pale man, or Halaabean, Flugelrod should not be confused with the albino seed, the cursed Canaanites, meaning “low landers,” the descendants of Canaan, of 4,000 years ago before 2,000 years ago, or 6,000 years ago. The Caucasians who have blonde hair and blue eyes, are descendants from the Flugelrods. . . . Canaanites’ leprosy is the result of a curse of defected genes passed down to him from his mother Anis who was an Anaqite (Deuteronomy 9). Remember the Flugelrods and Canaanites produce extremely low levels of melanin, both are melanin recessive beings.

- Excerpted from 1996 Nuwaubian Calendar, Extraterrestrial Amongst Us by Dr. Malachi Z. York (found at


Now here comes the kicker (also from Wikipedia):

"York told his followers that in 1952, grotesque extraterrestrial Andromedeans that resembled the Predator met with and frightened U.S. President Harry S. Truman. Other extraterrestrials have been trading with Earth since the Eisenhower administration, and are responsible for giving us technologies ranging from the polio vaccine to the hula hoop. Earth is said to still be visited by extraterrestrials, some of which prey on human children.

Currently, there are said to be over 70 different species of "Grey" and 16 different species of "Reptilians" on Earth. Human fetuses are said to go through Reptilian and Grey stages during their development (and if they are born prematurely, they will remain Reptilians or Greys).
Among the reasons why these things are not widely acknowledged, according to York, is that extraterrestrials plant ideas and images in the minds of the makers of Hollywood movies about extraterrestrials so that these fictional stories can be used to discredit people who know the truth. Examples of movies with such encoded content about the reality of aliens among us are those in the Star Wars series:

"Yoda… is short for Judah. Freemasons are inspired by one entity and that is a grey, by the name of Yoda. Yoda guides Freemasonry back to Judah, with the ancient Israel masonry. The British "Covenant Of Man" symbolizes the empire striking back. America is the empire fighting to overthrow Europe.… The word Yoda is not an English word as you have been led to believe. Its root word yawdaw appears 111 times in the Old Testament, means "to give thanks or praise, throw down, cast, shoot." The word Yadah meaning, to "to praise, give thanks" stems from the root word Yawdaw and appears only two times in the Old Testament (Daniel 2:23, Daniel 6:10). Not to mention the fact Yoda played in [the film] Return of the Jedi, and the word jedi is the same as yeti, it’s just a matter of a letter, it’s really the same word. Yeti is the name of Sasquatch (Bigfoot), also called Seti which is equivalent to the Extraterrestrials called the Seirians.

Daddi Kuwsh breaks it down:

Wow, it all seems so magical and Utopian. What could possibly go wrong???

OOPS! In 2002, Dwight "Malachi" York was charged with racketeering and over 200 counts of child molestation (brought down from almost 1,000 initially), being convicted and sentenced to 135 years in prison on January 23, 2004.

The question must be asked: was it all an elaborate conspiracy devised by Illuminati Flugelrods to destroy the reputation of the good Dr. York? Or is the "official" story true? Is it possible that a deranged lunatic would build an enormous compound in the middle of nowhere, just to molest children at will? If so, it would be the first time in American history that such a thing has happened, to be sure.

Because something like that has NEVER, EVER happened.



A mind-boggling wealth of information on Nuwaubianism can be found at


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Here is a true story: I was Malachi Z. York's FedEx guy for a while. I worked for FedEx from 1998 through 2002. During some of that time he lived in a big house on Mansfield Court in Athens, GA. The house was (and is) huge. It had weird Egyptian statues on the porch. You can see it (without the statues) along with an awesome Egyptian-themed building the Nuwabians used to own in Athens here:

I live less than 5 miles from that house now, but some squares bought it and de-Egypted it. They're probably greys or something.

My wife went to Tama-Re once to write about it for the newspaper. There are still a few Nuwabians in town, but they're declining in number. I can't figure out if they moved or finally decided they'd had enough of that bullshit. I hope it's the latter, but you never know...

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