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NEW MEXICAN ALIEN-CIA LAZER BATTLE 1979: The Ultimate "Space Western"

Greys: I hate those fuckers.

So entrenched are these extraterrestrial menaces in our culture and collective subconcious, so accepted by media and society, that it's difficult to see them for what they truly are anymore: freaks, mutants, outsiders... A threat to our very well-being as a nation.
What's next, Grey pride parades? Grey marriage? One shudders to imagine how the liberal, Jew-run media will skew their story next.
That's why I find the story of the Dulce Wars so uplifting and inspirational.

I first learned about the Dulce Base under Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico, like I have so many other things, from the obscure back-chapters of a David Icke book (namely Children of the Matrix) somewhat recently, and the more I learn the more astonished I am. I mean, it's pretty stunning news to find out that the CIA is running secret genetic-mutation experiments in an underground complex in New Mexico in co-operation with a massive legion of Greys (who are in turn merely slaves for the Alpha Draconion reptoid overlords). It's like, FUCK, why didn't someone tell me about this earlier?

But this isn't the story of human-alien co-operation. This is the story of the Dulce Wars, what happened when shit went totally nuts between us and the Greys a mile underground.

(no caption needed)

When discussing the topic of the alleged alien/CIA covert underground base at Archuleta Mesa/Dulce, the testimony and reporting of three guys must be considered first and foremost. This link at will fill you in on the stories of Paul Bennewitz, Thomas Edwin Castello, and Phil Schneider, and I've included the opening sections of each of their three stories below.

Firstly, Paul Bennewitz:

"Paul Bennewitz, a physicist in Albuquerque and a UFO researcher affiliated with APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization), traveled to Dulce in 1977 to investigate reports of cattle being mutilated on the ranch of Edmound Gomez. He became friends with the local law enforcement official in the area of the Jicarilla Indian Reservation, Gabe Valdez, and the two investigated the mutilations and also some mysterious lights reportedly seen over Archuleta Mesa...

Bennewitz along with Dr. Leo Sprinkle then studied the case of Myrna Hansen who said under hypnosis that she had been abducted by the aliens and taken to a secret underground base where they saw the cattle being mutilated and drained of their blood and vats containing human body parts. Implants were placed in the bodies of her and her son and that the aliens could control their minds through these devices.
Bennewitz began filming the strange lights he was seeing over Manzano. He also built a complex electronic surveillance equipment network to receive low-frequency electromagnetic transmissions that he believed came from the alien craft. Bennewitz had several contacts with Air Force Officials that he tried to warn about the threat represented by aliens against the Manzano Weapons Storage Area.
The year after, Bennewitz wrote a computer program that he claimed could translate the alien radio transmissions. He now came to believe that he was intercepting the messages that the aliens were transmitting to mind-control devices such as those that Myrna Hansen claimed had been placed in her and her son...

Bennewitz told Thomas Moore, the famous ufologist, that the alien transmissions he had received indicated that the grays, who he said were responsible for cattle mutilations and the abductions of humans, were building a secret underground base beneath Archuleta Peak on the Jicarillo Indian Reservation near Dulce, New Mexico with the help of the US Government.

When he said in a final burst of paranoia that aliens were coming through the wall of his house to inject him chemicals, it was time to send him to the Hospital. The story says that he has recovered but refuse to deal with the subject of UFOs..."

Weird Google Earth images of Dulce, New Mexico from Above Top

So Bennewitz was the first to truly bring the Dulce phenomenon to the public eye. But it was our second informant that really expanded the scope of the hideous mutant hybridization experiments that were taking place within.

(Again, from Thomas E. Castello:

"There was other testimony, from a mysterious man named Thomas Edwin Castello, who claimed to be a former security technician, employed by the Rand Corporation, at the Dulce underground facility. However, Castello has only provided stories, nothing solid, and has yet to come forward in person. There is some doubt as to whether he actually exists. He allegedly stole a set of controversial papers called the "Dulce Papers," along with over 30 black and white photos and a video tape.

Castello reported that the Dows [Greys], the Dracos [Reptiloids], and the Ciakars are working there hand in hand with over 18,000 short "greys" living the Dulce Facility. A colleague had come face-to-face with a 6-foot tall Reptoid which had materialized in his house. The Reptoid showed an interest in research maps of New Mexico and Colorado which were on the wall. The maps were full of colored push-pins and markers to indicate sites of animal mutilations, caverns, locations of high UFO activity, repeated flight paths, abduction sites, ancient ruins, and suspected alien underground bases.

The multi-level facility at Dulce is reported to have a central HUB which is controlled by base security. The security level goes up as one descends to lower levels. Thomas had an ULTRA-7 clearance. He knew of seven sub-levels, but there may have been more. Most of the aliens supposedly are on levels 5, 6 and 7 with alien housing on level 5. The only sign in English was over the tube shuttle station hallway which read 'to Los Alamos'.

A valuable resource in learning about underground alien bases in general is The Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases and the Battle for Planet Earth by the mysterious author "Branton" (above--featuring an introduction from our buddy Commander X!). Featuring extensive interviews with the equally-mysterious Castello, Branton's book sheds light on connections between the corporate/CIA machine and the Greys, showing that it's all basically a big apparatus to put the New World Order in place. Good times.
But as the title suggests, the focus here is also on the infamous "Dulce Wars", in which 66 brave Black Berets, Black Ops workers, scientists, and Secret Servicemen allegedy lost their lives.

Chapter 14 is key.

Bonus: A Q&A session between "Branton" and former Dulce Base security officer Thomas Edwin Castello can be found HERE.

BONUS bonus: "Suspected Joint Human / Alien Underground Bases", a list from Phantoms And Monsters.

Boring and useless video explaining the floorplan at Dulce Base:

WAIT A MINUTE! These fucking nutjobs (myself included) believe that space aliens from Zeta Reticula, Alpha Draconis, et al. are working with our VERY OWN BELOVED government to create part-cow flipper-babies to somehow further the NWO agenda?!?!?! That's ludicrous! That's impossible! It's.... TOTALLY TRUE!

For your consideration: Bone Clones is a fascinating online-and-hard-copy osteological catalog containing hordes of medical and scientific bone reconstructions. I've spent hours poring over their collections of highly-accurate skull and skeleton replicas, but as far as I can tell, their "alien grey" cranium (right) is the only "completely made up" piece available. Highly suspicious.


According to Castello, this is the basic layout of the cavernous Dulce complex. That may or may not be his pointy-stick in the top right corner.

More from the testimony of Thomas E. Castello, again taken from

"Level 1 contains the garage for street maintenance. Level 2 contains the garage for trains, shuttles, tunnel-boring machines and disc maintenance. The studies on Level 4 include human-aura research, as well as all aspects of telepathy, hypnosis, and dreams. Thomas says that they know how to separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body to place an "alien entity" life-force-matrix within a human body after removing the "soul" lifeforce-matrix of the human.

Level 6 is privately called "Nightmare Hall." It holds the genetic labs, where experiments are done on fish, seals, birds, and mice that are vastly altered from their original form. There are multi-armed and multi-legged humans and several cages (and vats) of humanoid bat-like creatures as tall as 7-feet. The aliens have taught the humans a lot about genetics; things both useful and dangerous.

At Level 7, Thomas encountered humans in cages. Row after row of thousands of humans, human-mixture remains, and embryos of humanoids were kept in cold storage. He says, "I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told they were hopelessly insane, and involved in high-risk drug tests to cure insanity. We were told to never speak to them at all. At the beginning we believed that story. Finally in 1978 a small group of workers discovered the truth. That began the Dulce wars.

Castello "disappeared" shortly after coming forward with this information.

Leaked images from "Nightmare Hall", courtesy of our old friends Cyrax and Flyrax (MUST SEE!):

More C&F on the subject of the Dulce shootout:

But wasn't this post supposed to be about some kind of "war" or something? What gives, Cobras? You dick.

Well, all of this cryptic information has been leading up to the spectacular tale of one Phil Schneider, whose story (again plagiarized from begins as such:

"Yet more testimony came from a man named Phil Schneider, an engineer who claimed to have discovered the alien base accidentally. Schneider is said to have committed suicide, but others claim he was found with either (1) piano wire, or (2) rubber catheter hose, wrapped around his throat, which indicate that he was murdered, ostensibly to silence him."

Schneider claimed to be one of only three survivors of the Dulce Wars, a horrendous massacre between the Greys and US Black Ops Military that occured in 1979. Accounts differ, but this "war" apparently broke out when either A) A governement worker stumbled accross the previously-hidden genetic experiments of the Greys in Nightmare Hall, causing an immediate firefight and massive casualties or B) A government worker entered some sort of Grey-held security area holding a firearm (strictly forbidden), causing an immediate firefight and massive casualties. Either way, the results were identical: MASSIVE CASUALTIES. The Greys got some of our guys (66, according to The Internet), but we got a couple of those fuckers too--in fact, Mr. Schneider claimed to have killed two Greys himself.
Even when faced with the prospect of assassination and public humilation, Schneider, maimed from the alien lazer battle (he was missing a couple fingers and had extensive scarring on his torso), still chose to soldier on and tell his story. What a Bro.

The strange life and highly suspicious death of Phil Schneider as reported (at length) by Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research.

A similar article from UFO Digest

Rare video of the man himself telling his story shortly before his, um, suicide?

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

More on Phil Schneider: 1/2

Yeah sure, the haters can hate and the doubters can doubt, but HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS IMAGE?!?!?:

no seriously, how do you explain it?

The further you follow the Dulce Wars story down the rabbit hole, the more the storylines tie together. Hollow Earth... Biometrics... Reptilians... It's all there. But are these conspiracy theories in fact constructed to make sense of a world whose infinite mysteries could never possibly be comprehended by a human mind? Are these strange tales just the grappling of man's intellect with dark forces beyond our perception, an attempt at categorizing and compartmentalizing disparate elements into one cohesive, linear story? Could it be that we are so terrified of our own freedom, our own unlimited potential, that human nature teaches us all to build these imaginary prisons around ourselves?

The answer: No. Of course not, don't be a jackass.

UFO HUNTERS, "Dulce Underground Base (Part 1)":

2, 3, 4

Whatever the case may be, two things are 100%, absolutely, positively SURE: 1) Aliens are among us and B) An elite force of Black Ops agents fought an intensely bloody lazer-and-machine-gun battle with them in a secret underground facility in the New Mexican desert back in 1979. Life was lost, human and otherwise, and even though human-alien relations have healed since, we must always remember the lessons we learned at Archuleta Mesa. Greys are not to be trusted. They are dicks. We should shoot them with guns.

I even thought up a catchy new slogan to shout at the Greys: "E.T. GO HOME! E.T. GO HOME! E.T. GO HOME!" (repeat ad nauseum)

This guy fucking cracks me up:

Where do these Greys get off? Who the fuck do they think they are, and why the smug attitude? Easy! It's BECAUSE OUR GOVERNMENT SIGNED A TREATY WITH THE FUCKERS. Seriously, the Bavarian Illuminati signed a treaty with the Greys in 1933, followed by another treaty between the US Governemnt (same thing, really) and the Greys (known as the Greada Treaty) in 1954. These Greys think they have the same rights as the rest of us God-fearing American citizens! Their excuse is that Government promised them such things! Hell no!
To quote Branton in Dulce Wars: "It's AS IF these green-blooded, pencil-necked, melon-headed, blood-sucking parasites - who break treaties, violate human will, permanently abduct and even kill humans for scientific or sustenance purposes, lie and deceive, disregard non-intervention ethics, destroy animals and property, manipulate the thoughts of the masses and their leaders against their conscious knowledge, ruin human lives on mental-emotional-physical levels, and literally 'feed' off of human LIFE including that of our children - have ANY place to give such excuses!"


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WASHINGTON (AFP) – A hot, gaseous and fast-spinning planet has been found orbiting a dying star on the edge of the Milky Way, in the first such discovery of a planet from outside our galaxy, scientists said Thursday.

Slightly larger than the size of Jupiter, the largest in our solar system, the newly discovered exoplanet is orbiting a star 2,000 light years from Earth that has found its way into the Milky Way.

The pair are believed to be part of the Helmi stream, a group of stars that remains after its mini-galaxy was devoured by the Milky Way some six to nine billion years ago.

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