Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Profile of an Artist: BEN VENOM

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce supreme bro and inspired individual,

(Evil Muahahhahahaha)

You know all those shirts you've been hoarding since you were in your tweens? They've got holes in them huh? Holes that expose your nipples, holes that your bullet belt gets stuck on, holes that you keep your drumsticks in, holes holes holes. Well, Ben has been collecting these shirts for almost two decades. What he did with his ding dang ol' shirts turned into works of brutality that I'd probably saw my left leg off for.

(Truly, a masterpiece)

I caught up with Ben the other night over a few bro-brews to get a glimpse into what inspires him to give up those precious precious shirts. (Dude, it would take hell or high water for me to give up original shirts like TESTAMENT and METALLICA and MAIDEN. Geez) He's got big things on the horizon and needs our help (I'll explain later).

Satan's Little Helper's Station

Ben-vacuuming on the Lord's day at a church in a Slayer shirt. He probably threw up in a trash can at said church too, huh Ben?

He says that creating these quilts is like creating a song...creating drafts, putting the pieces together as you gain inspiration, using recycled last part shouldn't be for song writing, although sometimes it's cool if your ripping of Black Sabbath for the umpteenth time.

Ben's got some big shows coming up on the horizon people- first off a Metal-Themed art show in Birmingham, England; (where the greatest of English Heavy Metal hail from) THEN a huge show at the Yerba Buena Museum here in San Francisco. Why is this of importance to you, you ask? Well, Ben needs our help. I know a LOT of you are in shitty metal bands out there, and he needs your shirts, patches, chonies, WHATEVER to make a GIANT metal quilt of the most Satanic breed. Send him your shirts that are stretching over your ever expanding beer belly. Send him your lame band shirt, so that your band will live on in infamy. Send him that Manowar patch that's holding the crotch of your favorite pair of Jorts together. Support him, so that he may go forth in Evil.

I want to see this at every Museum from now til forever

And I want one of these pillows. Don't you?

"When Hell freezes over, you can use my quilt to keep warm"
-Ben Venom

Here's his website. Give it up already. HAIL.


RyGar said...

Even though sewing and crafting are momen's work - I can't say I am against this in any way. In fact, these are totally awesome. Great work Mr. Venom.

Manslaughter said...

That's cool. What shirt are you wearing right now? SEND IT TO HIM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck off, RyGar.

BILLONEY! said...

I should show you my Bathory toaster cozy, and matching oven mittens.

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