Tuesday, January 11, 2011

IC Readers, I Need Your Help

So before the hall of fame classic Doggy Style, snoop released this demo tape called Over the Counter. In short, this demo is excellent and probably the best rap record I’ve ever heard (second only to Dr Dranks compilation of 1 minute St Ides commercials which IS the best rap record I’ve ever heard and available on IC right here). Anyway, here’s the downside. My lack of internet prowess and general incompetence has yielded only half of this seemingly amazing demo tape. If anyone out there has the skills necessary to locate the demo in its entirety, I would be most grateful if you could hook us all up.

1/2 Boner


The Unheard said...

There has been a lot of speculation that this tape may not actually exist, although there seems to be almost enough evidence to mostly confirm it does. Regardless, you've got the same tracks it seems everyone else has. Hopefully the rest of these tracks will show up someday, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Early Death Row stuff is VERY slow to leak. Someone recently posted a bizarre tape with some alternate edits of Gin N' Juice and an insanely dirty R&B remix of G Thang, all of which was assembled before Doggystyle blew up. Not terribly incredible stuff but cool nonetheless. Sorry I can't be of any more help.

Shelby Cobras said...

I agree. This music does not exist.

Jason said...

First off, awesome blog. Fuckin cracks me up. Secondly, it blew my mind when I found out you were in the Hideous. I lived in Humboldt from late 02 till I moved to Portland in mid 06, and probably missed some shows out of drunkeness or pure stupidity. I do remember talking to the bass player whenever I was at the Shanty, fuckin righteous dude. Being a metalhead was hard there--there wasn't much of a scene at all. I still have your guys' CD, and rock it from time to time, so thanks, just wanted to say that. Cheers.