Friday, January 28, 2011


Say you recorded a record, and while you were shopping it to labels, some dude posted it for free on some shitty blog for metal nerds. In this hypothetical situation, would you be bummed about the leak? Disappointed that a little air has been taken out of the official release? Or, would you be stoked? Happy to see the buzz pick up a little steam online through music blogs in hopes that some small increase in popularity might have a positive effect on your label negotiations. This is something I think about all the time and often, in the case of bands like Glitter Wizard, Gypsyhawk and Valdur, I choose not to blow their wads ahead of schedule by posting unreleased records that were shared with me in good faith. But, as I prepare for 20 days in the studio to make my own record, my thinking on this is starting to change. Personally, I think I would be stoked. If the record was good and it got out and people liked it and if it’s unreleased status even fueled its popularity, I would be totally and completely stoked. So today, I’m not “leaking” the unreleased debut album by LA stoner metal trio Moab, I’m doing a couple or rad dudes a total bro move by making available a new favorite for a lot of young Hessians. In lieu of an in-depth review I’ll pitch it to you with a tag line: QOTSA Osbourne.


This is not the album cover.


Daniel said...

Shit I'd be stoked...least people would have the music and most likely,if they like it, come out to your show when you play their shitty town. Maybe even buy the vinyl version for the artwork and whatnot. People will take a chance on a download(doesn't cost money) and go from there. Still support the band's,buy a shirt,record,let em crash on your floor,make em some spaghetti. Oh ya and support local record shops as well!!!!!. Support the working class.Support America. Fuck Ya!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog.

Grk! said...

Broab is my moshpot.